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    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    I've had back issues for years and have been able to deal with and work. But the last two year's I've been in misery. This last year has been hell. I've had mri's and clearly you can see why.. But this last year not only do I have sciatica in both legs( off and on in left leg) but now this last nine months my left testicle is feeling like someone kicking and squeezing it. Well just recently my primary doc( great doc real understanding guy) retired and now I have A New doc that makes me feel like a tatol ass. I told him a quick rundown on everything and this fuck( New doc) totally makes me feel like I'm a dick..
    Any my question is there anyone here that has suffered or suffers from back pain along with hurting testicles. (This is a serious) question . and just don't know what to do.
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    Chiropractor would be where I start
    Also look online for stretches for sciatica

    Can't help with the ball thing sorry

    GardenGnome83 Well-Known Member

    Get a different doctor.
    Could be a hernia, std, or any number of things.
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    AKDrifter Well-Known Member

    My back is F'd too, I have two jacked disks that I pretty much deal with.

    The only thing that helps my back is swimming, its low impact, and great exercise. I swim every morning and its better than anything any military or VA doc has ever done for me. Have had steroid injections, and ridiculous amounts of pain meds prescribed, but nothing helps like the pool.

    My prescription is morning tokes followed by a good pool workout.

    No idea about the bean bag...good luck with that.
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    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    do your testicles hurt more on one side than the other? anything like specific movements make the pain worse or does it just hurt all the time? penile discharge or drainage? swelling?

    i'd be careful with a chiro, especially one that's always wanting to take xrays- that's how the shitty ones pad your bill. a good chiro will glean more info from a history and laying hands on you than the shitty one will get from xrays.

    all the new doctors coming through med school are taught to act the way you are describing, and are all about prescription bullshit. i have chronic foot/ankle/knee/back pain from years of sports/military/rolling fatties and honestly the only thing that works for me is cannabis. the opiates fuck with my head, are addictive, constipate, and just don't work past a couple days. steroids a great on an extremely short term, esp with peripheral nerve inflammation, but fuck up your heart and skin and make some gain weight.

    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    if you have MRI's verifying the problem, a chiro won't help, in fact may worsen it.
    I assume its degenerative disc disease?
    and you testicle issue is gonna be different man..
    make sure there isn't any lumps
    and ALL docs will look at an opiod user differently, they get ramrodded by a lot of addicts, the key is to make an effort to LOWER your daily opiod use.
    heat helps with that.
    and just grinning and taking it.
    trust me, I know a lot about back issues...

    also new opiate laws as well, hydrocodone added to the class of oxy

    last but not least, depending on your issues, belly fat makes a HUGE strain on your back, lose as much weight as you can.
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    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    Don't have much of a belly, I'm 198lbs and 6'1" I've done lots of h.v.t. and h.I.I.t. so my core is strong..but my spine is I mean I wasn't taking any opioids. The doc seen my long hair and his mind was set, treaded me like second class. I was on tramadol ( ultram) it's not an opiate, but dumb ass kids kept fucking with them so now they are a scheduled drug.. I understand that the doc is covering his ass thinking I'm a liability to him. But come the fuck on. All I was asking him for was another m.r.I. he proceeded to tell me they are not truth machine's ( implying like I want dope or validation for a m.card) I know my body, and something is really wrong with my back..
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    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    I 've got a clean bill of health, I even quit smoking cigarettes this spring per request of Michigan spine n pain doc's two years ago. They put me through a berage of injections and meadel branch blocks
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    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    I stretch every day and I'm real active. I forget sometimes and go about things like I'm fine then I'm reminded real quick by abolt of lightning going off in my back. Lol.
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    youraveragehorticulturist Well-Known Member

    How are your hips and your shoulders? When you work out(like doing lunges or dumbbell presses) do your arms or legs work like mirror images of each other, or are they each doing something different?

    If you were to just stand there and look down, do your toes both point to the same angle, or is one turned extra in or out? Does one knee, or ankle or foot hurt more than the other?

    Do you squat with an excessive forward lean?
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    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    If your spine "is toasted" the chiropractor is a waste. You have a structural problem of fried bursa or bone on bone. Chiros work well for misalignment problems, or problems caused by misalignment due to muscular injury/spasms.

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    Get a massage !!!!
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    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    ive dealt with spine issues since I was in my twenties. now its pain meds and not doing anything physical that keeps me from climbing the walls and the numbness in my left leg also encompasses my left sac. its not painful like yours just a little numb.
    it all stems from an L5 S1 herniation that I had surgery on when I was about 40. At this point the only other option is fusion which is a one way street and you don't know, nor do they tell you that its gonna be a successful operation. Since I'm dealing with the pain/numbness with the meds I don't want to rock the boat any further and I have a dip shit doctor now that prescribes my meds but he treats me like shit after having a wonderful physician that was gold who retired.
    I want to get a different doc for that reason.
    A chiropractor might help but if you are a cunt hair close to a herniated disc he also might adjust you right into an even worse situation where you need fusion. I had a guy who adjusted my back and made it worse. its not fun.

    I would search for a good pain specialist if I were you. There are plenty of really good guys out there you just have to look for them. Don't settle. You're not a junkie, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    fusions aren't that bad. i've know quite a few people that had them and they were happy. my ex had a 9 bone fusion with titanium rods from years in EMS and she was still pretty flexible and limber,,,,gnome sayin. she just exercised like a mf and strengthened her back and was good to go.
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    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    Everything works rite. And no I squat keepin shoulders over my feet , I keep a small half inch rip off wood under my heals when I sqwat so I'm driving up on my balls of my feet.. It's possible my right leg is shorter but who knows.. Fuck Obama care, I moving to Canada lmao

    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    I go to Michigan spine "n" pain.. I'm not wanting meds( opiates) my bullshit insurance only covers so many visits a year so now I have to play the waiting game with them . my New primary doc is a tool. I have an appointment Wednesday day with him and I'm going to politely kick his nuts and break his back if he won't issue a new m.r.I. with contrast solution. I need answers not meds.
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    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone for their two cents. :blsmoke:

    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    just say the dr touched your peepee in an inappropriate manner. you'll def get a new doc then lol. drastic times call for drastic measure brother.
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    Diabolical666 Well-Known Member

    Find a doc that uses stem cells. Its farely new procedure. My buddy had stem cells injected into his lower back, swears he feels 20 yrs younger. Im going to do this when I can find a doc that will take weed for trade;)

    youraveragehorticulturist Well-Known Member

    If you are driving off the balls of your feet, you are squatting wrong! Your weight is too far forward. The board under your heels only tips you forward more.

    One leg shorter than the other? Maybe, but it's more likely you have some tightness in one side that's causing your "bracing" and "posture" to be off. If the muscles on one side of your pelvis (psoas? piriformis?) are tight, your hips will be rotated to one side, and your spine will be in a constant jacked position.

    If your hip and groin muscles (adductor/abductors) are not working together properly, every step you take is going to pull your hips into bad alignment, and cause pressure on your spine.

    "Reminded real quick by a bolt of lightning" sounds like you are moving wrong and causing pressure on your disks, which is causing all your issues with radiating pain.

    Tell us more about your training and your job. What are you doing that hurts? What have you been doing for your hips/glutes/hamstrings?

    What kind of stretches are you doing? Are you working on keeping a neutral spine?

    Are you dong this before workouts to get your glutes working?

    Skip to 2:30, and check out the exercises they do to get this guys hips/pelvis moving properly.

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