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  1. pt. 1 green crack, master kush, ak47, blue dream.JPG Hey Folks,
    hopefully i can post pictures here easily and do a minimalist thread.

    Yes, been away from the plant for 9 long grueling years. so, i had gotten gear ahead of time waiting for a window of opportunity to grow again. I HAVE NOT USED ANY OF THE NEW STUFF, NOT READY YET. Except for some grostones used to pot up the rooted clones.

    rooted clones in order of size biggest to smallest they are

    1. Green Crack pulled out of hydro rooter with very long tap root etc. : I wanted the green crack because of great taste and speed of flower and also to do some pollen chucking eventually.

    2. Master Kush a small rooted cut that was done in a sponge type rooter : Master Kush is tried and true, stands alone as good puff and makes nice crosses too.

    3. really small AK47 done in same type of sponger rooter and from the same source : Ak47 needs no intro at all. i wanted power with out too much of a indica type stone even though i prefer indica's. Yield is god and flower time is not too bad. makes great crosses if you choose a good match for it. Hopefully it will be an AK47 worth keeping around . I've never puffed AK47, and by the time i actually wanted it the bomb ass AK47 was not easy to find from serious seeds and in the community was held closely by only a few and not shared much if at all.

    Back then my targeted strain from Serious was their Chronic. I tried a small sample from a tiny plant i grew as a tester. it was very flavorful in a citrus type of way that stood out. i can't recall much more that long ago.
    the stone was excellent too. i had to kill two beautiful big moms that were going to be flowered easily yield 3 zips a piece. it was not to be because they were fucking mite magnets extraordinaire and were running my whole situation. i tried to treat them and i was forced to save the rest and kill them. i almost cried too smdh.

    pt. 2 are fresh cuts that were put into a groClone far too late and have suffered because of it. mentality that isn't sharp like before is not easy to deal with and quite frustrating to say the least.
    fresh cuts were as follows
    1. Blue Dream which i made 4 cuts from the one big BD cut = somewhat iffy but one decent one still
    2. Blue Dream that was already yellowing and is now already 86
    3. Green Crack looks ok so far

    first snafu was the pump was dislodged from the side of the cloner. i went to check and noticed the water was real warm, i got ice to adjust it. so when i pulled the lid up i must have dislodged the pump. I'll be looking for a couple of stoned bubblers to add some more OXYGEN. even if it's only to use later for clones that will be used to put in the tent.

    So, basically will run them in a gorilla shorty tent ($$$ smdh lol) because if a move has to go in the basement a regular height tent won't fit. grrrr.
    medium will be coco coir and brought grostones to aid aeration and also because i might run a couple hempy buckets eventually. i already have perlite left over but need to find that damn bag. it's not small so duhh .

    running coco specific
    Botanicare nutes =
    CNS17 Coco Bloom Formula 2-1-3
    CNS17 Coco Grow Formula 3-1-2
    CNS17 Ripe 1-5-4

    I wish they had kept the original formula as it was great and very economical too. they figured a way to dial it back to make more money and add a 3rd component for bud development = hyped/bull shit. i grabbed 1 lg grow, 1 lg bloom, and 1 small container of the hype bloom stuff too. So, will compare with or with out with the same plants being equal

    Lighting = 600 hps digital non- adjustable (i might have gotten and enhanced spectrum bulb since i will only use one. the 400 hps i wanted to use in early veg went ghost. I'm hoping my 250 mh works still as that is supposed to be my main veg light for clones and moms. as long as i know the strains i'll run veg light 20/4 or 18/6 if and when i use seeds so they will declare sex sooner.

    standard type nursery pots, some oddballs, and maybe some plastic bag type pots too.
    to be determined soon. no need to have pots more than 2 gallons using coco.

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    Cheers man! The description of your grow was pretty immersive. Ill now need one of your ak 47 clones to cheer me up, as im bummed im not there with you. Thats my dream lineup there. Very envious of tour varietals.
  3. would be nice if i had multiple ak47 clones. only the runt is alive for now but she's still green and healthy looking. I'll find out if she's woth keeping cause all ak47 is not built the same like it used to be in it's hay day. GOT 1 AK47 SEED IN THE VAULT. i'll pop it when i think a good female is available to make beans. if it turns out female and killer I'll be forced to fem it just to preserve those genetics. what she might get dusted with is a total crap shoot. don't have a situation where i can really do various projects uninterrupted to work anything.

    i had an AK47 mom that i made a cross or two with that have good potential. Yet, she was nothing like the known AK47. she was spicy, stone power was 7 only, but cloned really fast, was tough, and apparently liked being fucked too. :) franbkly i'll be honest and suspected it was a mistake and not AK47 but the gifter was a/is very solid comrade so maybe i had a rare ak47 not sure really. if her crosses turn out i'll be more than happy.
  4. Update : the best of the ratty Blue dreams was potted up awhile ago, looks like shit but roots and time can make things turn around. 2 of the other ratty Blue D's were both put in the same pot rather than just trash them and the last ratty Blue d is in the cloner rooted waiting for a pot.
    be nice if at least one makes it to mother status.

    had an accident with the big green crack mom to be and needed to do a stem repair. because of this i had enough sinse to take the top off leaving two leads. did another small stem repair on a lower branch and overall she looks health still. the top which was really nice was placed in the cloner and as of today it's got the 1st. of tiny roots. she is expected to be the main green crack mom as a backup.

    the master kush has grown some and is still healthy thankfully.

    as it stands now Green crack will be run first, this will give the master kush enough time to become a mommy and clone donor. followed by the AK47 bring up the rear.
    will pop chemo seeds to make sure i have enough pots in the tent to have a
    decent yield and to find that male so i can use his secret sauce on the ladies.

    time to buy some substrate to keep the moms. pro-mix bx will get the nod with xtra perlite.
    folks like all sorts of medium, FFOF, FFHAPPY F, ROOTS ORGANIC etc etc.
    all of them have had bug issues sporadically across the board for many growers.

    i never had issues with bugs with the Pro-mix bx. i will add DE to it before planting. Yet to be honest i had a ginger plant that had fungus gnats and they just played in the fucking DE, i saw no negative affect on them at all. ginger plant dies and i tossed it out. that potting soil was the culprit. so will put it in a hot area in the basement to dry out well to see if i can get some use out of it. cooking in the oven with the smell is not going to happen.

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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    Don’t reuse soil, it’s cheap . Toss it
    DE will only hurt the hard body adults, doesn’t bother soft body juveniles.
    Top dressing with DE will make for problems . When u water it will filter down into the soil and make it like concrete.
    Your better off with sand or a cover the soil
    Gnat nix works too.

    Chip_pz Member

    Have u had To adjust ph using the bx?
  7. pro mix all purpose. not reused at all. thx for the tip abut top dressing with DE, that might have been why my ginger plant died actually. i saw a dude the other day that had layers of sand top to bottom so no matter which way they went they were going to get cut.

    that stuff is almost gone. i'll be going back to the pro mix bx .

    @Chip_pz : i've never had issues with pro mix bx so far as ph adjustments or anything else really. if used inside i would add extra perlite chunky/plain now. not as much to make it like their hydro style promix though.
  8. a couple quick pics. 1st. GREEN CRACK MOM, 2nd GC mom and 3rd. GC mom keeper hopefully.
    master kush mom about to be topped soon; small ak47 lady who's shy about growing up :)

    new growth on ratty blue dream cuts that now seem like they want to survive after all. :)

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  9. so, rest of the pics with a 10 pic limit.
    AK47 will only get better. last picture is the Green Crack mother to be as the primary mother. she was a top taken from the original GC mom after i broke the main stem. i did the repair with tape and it turned out perfect. but took the top at that time because it made more sinse !

    the Tangie is very good both taste and affect. I would enjoy more body stone but i'd say tangie is like 50/50 to 60/40 is. it's almost gone:( I started a habit of saving a couple nugs from whatever comes my way. i need another small container to use for more SAVING when the times comes.

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    BMWEATER Well-Known Member

    Your strain list takes me back to the early 2000s...Ak47 remember the cherry cut?
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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    Yup , 1 in 1000 seeds to find the cherry
    I don’t think I ever had the real deal.

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