Avoid lionheart caregivers

Discussion in 'Montana Patients' started by Smokin Heavy, Dec 28, 2010.

    Smokin Heavy

    Smokin Heavy Member

    Total douches, they have some sort of attitude as if they were a nonprofit or something lol.. get a clue faggots 280 an ounce direct from the grower ? please haha.. at least be honest about what profiteering clowns you guys are quit trying to church it up with those lame ass ads and articles wow..

    jeffbelize New Member

    LOL...If you dont like the price DONT BUY IT!..I would love to see you go in the store and they tell you that will be $100 and you strat to go off on them how they are some scum profiteering clown...lol...isnt that what USA is all about?Man you live in the wrong place....But wait grow it yourself?And stop crying about price!

    PeachOibleBoiblePeach#1 Well-Known Member

    Does medicare cover your cost:clap:
    Smokin Heavy

    Smokin Heavy Member

    Oh believe me i grow bitch, i have 8 patients and i hook them up at 170 hence why i made this post after reading some bum ass article about "lionheart" the "basically nonprofit" so get your shit straight don't make assumptions buddy

    TheOrganic Well-Known Member

    Hey least you don't pay 380 a oz.

    bigbudmakemehappy Member

    Yah one thing fucked up around here we should be geting it for free from nonprofiting care givers like the law says

    buttslambrown Member

    I didnt know caregivers worked outta stores man lol. The OP was spot on though. Getting it straight from the source shouldn't be that much. They're suppose to be caregivers not some business trying to make money!

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