Auxiliary CFL bulbs for LED setup question

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    I decided to hang a couple of CFL bulbs next to my LED panel for flowering. I bought two 150 watt equivalent cfl's that draw 42 watts and is 2700 Kelvin with 2900 Lumens. Those seem to be what are recommended. I now see the store where I bought them from (Lowes) also stocks 300 watt equivalent 2700 Kelvin bulbs that draw 65 watts for about $3.00 more. Yes, they're bigger (longer) than the 42 watt bulbs. They have 3900 Lumens too. It's a one plant grow in a 32x32x63" tent. Should I definitely opt for the 300 watt equivalent cfl bulbs? Also, the specs say the 300w is for outdoor use only. My 150 watt cfl's says for indoor use or outdoor use in contained housing. Since they are to be hung base up, I'm wondering if the two 65w will burn out even with some airflow pointed up at them. Is it worth a try or not really necessary going for the 300w equivalent for flowering?
    I also am aware that you want around 10,000 Lumens per plant, but remember, I have a 1000w LED panel. P.S. My tent temps only went up by 1 degree with the two added 42w cfl's. (74F).
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    I got good results from it and I got a 110w
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