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    Due to the situation I can only show about once a week to water and want to set up an automatic water system...all 12 plants in 5 gallon and 3 gallon pots. Anyone ever done this just to make it easier??. I want to fill a trash container, put a water pump I already have, run the line to a copper plumbing manifold I already got. Then run lines off that with drip holes at each container, and I have a timer already...anyone do anything like this with soil plants? Thanks guys

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    Trouble with soil is that watering can be tricky, given that each plant can drink at different rates and that a the plants go through phases in growth where they drink more or less... so timing becomes a real problem.
    I usually do 8 clones and while they all start out the same... by the end of flower they are all getting watered on different days.

    Maybe the solution is autopots?
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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    Look up Blumats
    This will fix your problem, and no pumps n timers etc, very simple . Just make sure your res is big enough.
    At a week between visits, getting water to the plant isn’t your only problem.
    Have you factored in PH swings?
    This can be fixed with aquarium dosing pumps .
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    Yes, blumats are made for this.

    You'll have to dial em in and reduce pressures to get it where you want it.

    In soil this should be half easy. Go light and for the love of God get somone to check Inbetween for you for the first few weeks until your totally fucking sure of your self.
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    Here comes the second time I have typed this warning in a week here. If your pump fails you may have catastrophic results. Trust me as I never seem to learn from my losses and mistakes. Get the Blumats.

    From elsewhere:

    Blumat adjustment procedure: (for soil)In a bucket ,fill and soak units under water for at LEAST an hour. Then screw on cap( nice and tight!) under water making sure not to trap any air.
    Leave dripper line at ~8cm. long.
    Give the pot a good watering.
    Insert B/M snugly into nicely compacted soil(not too loose) .
    Open till water comes out, carefully close until just a drop barely forms.
    Tighten 1.75 - 2 Arrows
    Adjust as necessary for a few days, then leave it alone!
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    This should be stickied
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    grassy007 Well-Known Member

    For smaller grows, Continental makes a battery operated programmable waterer that has 10 water lines for watering up to 10 plants. However, you cannot add nutes to the water as that would clog up the pump. The pump tube can fit into a 5 gallon bucket of water.

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    SCJedi Well-Known Member

    Nutes in water is not a problem when you use no-till living soil.

    420Barista Well-Known Member

    and as stated above plants are not alike they dont all consume the same amount. each has its own needs. which is why that continental waterer wont be good and the blumats perfect

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