Autoimmune folks. Please share what you have learned

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    nw2this New Member

    I'm looking for your help. I have Mixed connective tissue disease that is attacking my nerves. For those who don't know it's lupus with symptoms from other autoimmune symptoms from other diseases added in. Fun So far it's given me trigeminal neuralgia along with the other symptoms, joint pain, fevers, rashes, glaucoma, ... possibly neuropathy too.

    I need to get this monster controlled. The pain is terrible. My sleep is horrid from the painsomnia and all my Drs seem to do is have me try one nasty drug at a time. I've even patient, but so far no relief.

    Tell me what works for you. Strains, how you take it. Please. I've missed my kids growing up waiting to feel better

    dulcinea71 New Member

    So few of us with MCTD I thought i should reply to you at least as a sister in similar situation. i dont find that mj actually does a whole lot for serious autoimmune inflammation--its not going to bring a flare under control unless maybe if you were to absorb a gram of THC everyday, which is a lot and might make you so lazy that you dont move enough & then end up with joints gelling up bad. If your aleeady immobilized then sucking on a full syringe of RSO over a day could help, if your gut works ok. my gut went dead a few years ago so if i'm going to do "edibles" i use alcohol based tinctures but i generally dont get much good from it that way.

    i also dont get a whole lot of actual pain relief from mmj.. its not morphine so it doesnt put the actual pain in the background most of the time, but some strains are better for certain kinds of pain and others are REALLY good at lowering the anxiety people usually feel when they are in debillitating pain. the MDs act like if you experience anxiety then your pain is mental but thats crap, painis real, and being in a ton of pain and not getting decent medical care and not knowing how long it will go on at that level is a special kind of hell that mmj is a great remedy for if you find a few good strains.

    for joint pain, insomnia, anxiety my go to is granddaddy purple. i ❤️ GDP. GG#4, northern lights, and chemdawg are also really good for medical. chemdawg is a hybrid and good for day. if you dont want to get too high on these strains--theyre all potent strains--ive found that taking CBD oil capsules (i get Thorne though my ND-high quality easier for me to absorb no taxes) in the morning and then toking or dabbing a little later blunts the high but still provides relief. cbd on its own doesnt do a thing for me.

    PM me if you want to chat. it sucks to have an illness as bad or worse than MS, Parkinsons, Lupus or any of the other painful defenerative conditions with their own ribbons and specialty care clinics where they trip all over themselves to provide coordinated comprehensive care, but because mds & ppl havent heard of it you get shit medical care you have to cobble together yourself and deal with the skeptic assholes that come at you from all sides.

    good luck sister. i hope youve fiund some relief.

    bartow Well-Known Member

    What I find helps with Sjogren's is to take infused coconut oil and make sure it stays in your system constantly. My impression is that these kinds of things will improve but very slowly. I am not sure it makes any difference what strain is used. When doing a number of different things, it is hard to determine which one exactly is responsible for the improvement. I also take mega doses of liposomal vitamin C. The combination has made a difference.

    athomegrowing Well-Known Member

    I consume on average 2 grams of thc a day. As I use THC my brain doesn't replenish the receptors as quickly as I'm making THC available so the laziness, lethargy isn't present like it used to be when I was able to get baked.

    BudmanTX Well-Known Member

    if you have a auto immune , you need a combination of both sativa and indica in your aresnal. One to keep you going and the other to relax you. You also need to look at infusing things for cooking, butter, oils are at the top of the list.

    Why am i saying this, is because my wife has MS, and these are the thing i do for's gonna take time but you will get there....

    Renfro Well-Known Member

    My ex wife has fibromyalgia. she hates to be high and normal weed makes her have trip like experiences. She liked a strain called Kushage, it helped her pain and didn't make her trip.

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