Autoimmune folks. Please share what you have learned

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by nw2this, Aug 7, 2018.


    nw2this New Member

    I'm looking for your help. I have Mixed connective tissue disease that is attacking my nerves. For those who don't know it's lupus with symptoms from other autoimmune symptoms from other diseases added in. Fun So far it's given me trigeminal neuralgia along with the other symptoms, joint pain, fevers, rashes, glaucoma, ... possibly neuropathy too.

    I need to get this monster controlled. The pain is terrible. My sleep is horrid from the painsomnia and all my Drs seem to do is have me try one nasty drug at a time. I've even patient, but so far no relief.

    Tell me what works for you. Strains, how you take it. Please. I've missed my kids growing up waiting to feel better

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