Auto not flowering. What to do?

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What to do with autoflower not flowering

  1. Hack it down!!!

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  2. Flip whole room to 12/12 with other autos

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  3. “Veg” until other autos are done then try 12/12

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  4. Take problem plant into separate dark area to try and trigger flower. Then back to 20-4

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  5. Other.

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    Bookush34 Active Member

    So a little history on this before you vote

    I bought a pack of Amnesia Haze auto fem from CKS.

    Tried two out side last summer. Grew 4ft tall but didn’t flower. ( well just a bit before frost stared and I hacked it down)

    Plants were over 3 months old.

    I have now put one inside my tent. Plant is 50days old. On 20-4 lights.

    Same thing. Not flowering. Started showing pistols at about day 30.

    So 8 days ago I decided to butcher it with hard defoliating and topping. See what happens.

    It’s responded like a photo strain with crazy growth and now has about 20+ tops on it.

    I have 3 other autos on the go. Doing great. Called crop king on it. They said 12/12 will cause them to hermi.

    “Sending me a new pack BTW”

    What are the odds of it being a packaging mistake and it’s a non auto? Be a monster with a 8-10week veg lol.
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    Dendrophilly Well-Known Member

    I had a plant that wouldn't flower under the 24 hour lighting so I moved it to a window to see if things would change. This is after maybe a month of the plant growing single leaf branches that almost looked like budless buds. The window had triggered it to start flowering but I had to scrap her because of spider mites. I should have known something was off when she started producing densely packed single bladed leaves.

    My short stuff snowryder is on week 14 of veg now and she's almost done stretching her branches which I had to lst. Be patient unless you see something signaling to you.

    It sounds like your plant needs 12 12 from your description of its growth patterns.
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    McStrats Well-Known Member


    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    sounds like you got rooked. Sold you photo's at the cost of Auto's. It's happened before.Try changing seed banks next time .

    Dendrophilly Well-Known Member

    I was sent a photo strain when I ordered autos but I realized before opening the pack and exchanged for the autos I wanted. :blsmoke:

    Many autos were made from photo strains and cant be automatic 100% of the time without further breeding.

    Here's my first female, from my auto breeding experimentation, in early flowering stage.

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    Dendrophilly Well-Known Member

    If you transplant the autos they take forever to flower btw

    Best to start them in the pot they will finish in.

    Contrary to what I said before, I think your plant could still be auto, it's easy to lose your patience with these things.

    Bookush34 Active Member

    Well the plant has some pistols showing now. So is it takes off it’s gonna be a giant.

    That plant was started in its final pot. So no transplant issues. Even though I have transplanted many auto without issue.

    I think I am going to keep it going. See what happens.
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    Dendrophilly Well-Known Member

    Here's my slow ryder, also starting to show pistols.

    Can you post pictures of your plants?

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    Bookush34 Active Member

    Sorry. No pic posting from me.

    ISK Well-Known Member

    Funny that I guessed these were Crop King seeds just by the title of your thread

    I have grown 5 different strains of Crap King auto-fem's and 4 of 5 have had this same issue....I call it non-auto's

    What I did was to manually move the culprit into a dark room for at least 11 hours hours/day

    I know this is a total pain as it requires a daily commitment but it will do the trick

    The only thing worse is the time I had a auto-fem become male....this should be an extremely rare event, but with Crap King anything can happen. (pic attached)

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