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    ozy Member

    G'day. New to rollitup and some info needed please. Are there any aussie growers that are or have used LEDs. I would like to chat with anyone who has as there is very conflicting info on their effectiveness compared to MH,HPS etc. Any help from someone that has bought and used LEDs in aus would be greatly appreciated.


    GenePerfect Active Member

    LED= light emitting diode. Hps= quality smoke... Tried and true. Its all about spectrum and lumens, i like a hps with a more balanced green spectrum for grow, and standard red spectrum hps for bud. Green during growth, fantastic. Fluro, led or incandesant will grow flimsy stock and flavour is decreased as the spectrum is off. Just get a ballast of ebay or gumtree, there $70 100 for a 400 kit if you get classifieds. If you have grown with hps or mh, stay. If its ur 1st grow, find a ballast and get growing. There are some things leds are good for, supplementing on the sides or directed at the underside of canopy.

    ozy Member

    Thanks GP. MH and maybe a fish tank? fluro were all the average indoor grower could get their hands on when I 1st started with lights. Only problem I have with lighting is the power bill. Even in QLD, the elec bill is getting way to big for comfort, hence the reason I am interested in LED's. Appreciate your time to answer tho, thank you.
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    Supa smoka

    Supa smoka Well-Known Member

    LEDS use half as much power as a 400hps. LEDS have their place but not for growing smoko. You need a Mh or hps to get the right amount of blue spectrum for growing and the right amount of red spectrum for flowering. a hps is the best at achieving this as it is dual spectrum. Dont know what old mate was talkin bout with green spec cause you need more blue than anything for growth
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    toxer Well-Known Member

    i have supplemental leds used for side lighting n shit, nothing special, would never use them as main lights for growing though. most the time i just stick clones under them lol.

    Buck123 Well-Known Member

    @toxer pal i have one too but i wouldnt flower a wholie too they're about 3 years away i reckon... look ozy go ahead bro if you have the $$$ but the tech is still light years behind hid as far as light intensity...
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    Miyagi Well-Known Member

    Oi kent, I have a mad LED and you know it biatch! So far really good for clones but yeah not much else I think. ATM it is keeping my graft mother in slow veg. One day when I'm bored Ill try a little flower but not something I'm gonna make time for.
    Peace ya maddawwwg
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    Buck123 Well-Known Member

    Progrow are bringing something to the table with phillips and cree ACTUALLY focused on gardening... a 5w chip... i currently run 3w wouldnt flower with it...

    Avant2000 Member

    California light works has a 5w unit with supplemental UVB.

    Buck123 Well-Known Member

    fuck the leds get induction!

    Avant2000 Member

    I would have to agree. LEDs are way too expensive!

    redfrogs Active Member

    Hi, I just moved over to Aus, so please pardon my grammar and syntax.

    In my old setup in another country; i'm a mirco closet scrog grower using LEDs with CFLs. I was growing indoor in the tropics so i needed something really cool.

    Veg-UFO 90w RB 90 degree view angle + CFL 4x24W 6400k
    Flower-UFO 120w RBO 120 degree view angle + CFL 4x24w 2700k
    *my leds are 1w leds; so not the best money can get.

    A few tips:
    -With leds, do not follow manufactuers rating on light coverage areas as they mean it as the ideal light coverage for cabbages and the like.
    -e.g. when they say 4x4ft coverage, for our veggies an effective coverage would be 2x2ft or half the "recommend light coverage" for veg and 1/4 of the recommended (1x1ft) for flower.
    -Leds are worth it when you grow in a small space like a PC box, ikea cuboard and stuff like that as the are much cooler than CFLs or any HIDs-> its better for stealth grows as it runs cool and is almost noiseless.
    -If your trying to compare a 90w with a 400w hps and such, its never gonna work; its only effective if you compare 400w LEDs with a 400w HPS for e.g.
    -They are worth the money if you have a small grow. My old cabs were 50x50x75cm and thus were awesome for LEDs.
    -You can get great buds on LEDs but the distance must be only about 6-7" max away from your canopy; ideally I set my leds about 3" away if possible.
    -Check your LEDs viewing angle(or whatever its called) I find that if your using LEDs as supplemental a 120 degree angle is better and if your only using LEDs a 90 degree is better.
    -Don't solely rely on LEDs, add a few CFLs 6400/2700k depending on application to add some mixed spectrum to your plants it really helps alot! I don't believe a RB or RBO would provide all the necessary spectrum needed; but you could always fork out for a 5,8 or 11(or however many) spectrum LED light if your loaded. Ignore this if your LED wattage is ridiculous for the space your growing in.
    -I have tried a pure LED grow(210w in 50x50cm area) with both my lights and I had my biggest harvest ever(in the old place). But perhaps this is due to light distance and comparing it the CFL/LED grows.
    -Also if you like to garden baked, the glow from LEDs just make you stare at the cabs and your mind drifts away!

    Right now I'm in Aus and my setup is in a homebox twin; still working with scrogs...
    Veg-2x80w 6400k CFLs might get another one later though or more powerful CFLs...
    Flower- 600w son-t hps + 90&120W LEDs ->over kill i know....

    -I found that the 600w HPS with cooltube reflector(recommended 400w lol) in my tent was not giving the sides of the tent enough light(lets say lux intensity as i'm unsure of the word to use) and thus decided to either use 130/250w cfls or LEDs as supplemental lighting.
    -I went with my old LEDs as the lux intensity(over distance) would be higher than on the CFLs(130/250w types) as i intended to hang them about the same distance away as my HPS, so i wouldn't block the light coverage of the HPS.
    -My guess is that the HPS would fatten up the yield and the LEDs would supercharge the resin content(as i discovered with previous grows overseas).
    -Have not gotten any harvest yet as i just started over here; but i expect it to be one of the biggest I would have ever gotten.

    *i'm not a master grower only have a few years experience, but that's just my ideas since you asked for some.

    redfrogs Active Member

    And also those LEDs you see on ebay or hydro shops in aus are generally shit btw. Always check and ensure if you are about to buy one that your LEDs are 1w and above.
    Do this by no. of leds / wattage, e.g. 90 w / 90led = 1w leds(not counting the transformers and fans though) or 145 led / 45w = 0.31w(shit lights)

    Buck123 Well-Known Member

    even the 1w's are pretty shit!

    redfrogs Active Member

    Agreed, but like a 600w hps they are the best bang for the buck with lux ratios(in LED terms) imo.
    All lights have their uses in one way or another; its up to us the growers to design and choose the best cabs for their available space.
    Obviously, most indoor growers would love to have plasma lighting over their HPS or MHs; but its just too dear atm.

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Anyone tried the LED floodlights? Look like they've got potential...

    ninjamcmuffin Member

    Hey fellas
    I am on my first grow using 2 LEDs purchased of ebay. My main one is a 200w 3w/light LED with flowering and vegetating switch. It has worked fine for me, although I only have one female flowering. My second one was a cheap 90w one with 70% red spectrum 30% blue spectrum. For vegetating it was pretty average, but I have it positioned on the side of my box for flowering and the buds facing it are larger and sexier then the ones on the opposite side recieving less light(I rotate to even it out). They give off very little heat. I payed 200 for the good one. I feel confident it would supply sufficient lumens and spectrum for a 4-6 large plants.

    Andyroo Member

    I have a 180 watt led from china and also a 200 watt cfl in a grow tent and it works pretty good for me. I lst the fuk outta my plants and I think that is why the led works cos it does not have to penetrate to far through the canopy as the plant IS a canopy. Don't think you can beat hps or mh but LEDs have there place. Oi oi oi

    echelon1k1 New Member

    if the LED's at the hydro shop are too expensive try sourcing LED fixtures or panels from stage lighting companies.

    I've taken many of these products on tours and if they can take the beating on the road, they'll do just fine in a static position in your grow room.

    I'm currently using and LED for side/uplighting the canopy and have worked great. Must stress the LED was in Addition to a 400wHPS

    tarks Active Member

    Can you buy somthing like the Advanced LED Diamond Series 100W light in Australia? These looks pretty good from threads i've been reading on this forum , for $300 and a +2 ounce yeild off a plant is sweet for me.

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