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    Hello, I'm needing a bit of help with these aurora indica . I have grown a few plants in the past that grew almost as tall as me but these don't seem like they are going to get very tall. I understand that indica usually stay bushier and short so the height on these may be perfectly normal. I flipped them 9 days ago because they had been vegging for about 7 weeks. If someone could give me some info , suggestions , advise I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks


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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    they look healthy but they should be way taller after 7 weeks of veg.
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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    Yep they look really nice n healthy, but yeash they do look quite small for their age.
    I don't know this strain so I can't really say either though.

    I'd look for grow reports with this strain to see how she normally grows to check on that, especially if the other plants you grew were in the same growspace, lights, etc and it can't be due to anything environmental ;)

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    They should start stretching soon, since you've flipped the schedule. Not sure what light you're using but the some led's seem to make plants shorter and bushier. In the strain description it does say that these are short bushy plants seldom over one meter, so after the stretch they will probably be fine.

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    First of all I'd say your plants look great. Compact, clean, dark green and signs of vigorous new growth.

    Is this strain 'Aurora Indica' by Nirvana? If so, check out the grow reports on Seedfinder: Use Google Translate to read the German grow reports.

    I veg for 6-7 weeks when growing under LEDs. Most plants mature at 24-30 inches with one large cola.

    I don't think you need to do anything but wait 60 days for your Aurora.
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