Are women more likely to condemn weed smoking than are males?

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    My male friends and I agree that women in our age cohort (between 39-50) are generally opposed to pot smoking, and have usually opposed it even when they were younger. My brother, my friends, even me--we've all dealt with a significant other opposed to pot smoking. I've even worked with women and known women who I was not involved with who vehemently opposed and demonized the evil weed.

    So I'm wondering, is this just my perception that women seem to oppose the herb? When I was much younger, everyone I knew male and female smoked weed on a regular basis. After age 30, that became fewer and further between, and I began to conceal my own habits for employment purposes. Since I was 30, the past 17 years, I haven't met very many women in my age cohort that toke up. In fact, I haven't met any.

    Recently attending a major convention attended by people all over the country, I received information to confirm this viewpoint. One day while eating lunch with nine people (seven females and two males), all of the women vehemently condemned pot smoking. Myself and the other two dudes reminisced about college daze and bong rips in the dorm room, gravity bongs and whatnot. Later in the conversation, the females applauded the effectiveness of Zoloft, Effexor, and Wellbutrin, among others--all dangerous SSRI antidepressant drugs.

    My question at the table was how is pot smoking any different (perhaps more safer) than the whole idea behind taking an SSRI for the rest of your life? The reason people take SSRIs is so they can feel better--well enough to get out of bed and get along with their day. That's basically the same reason I smoke pot every day. It helps me cope with the mundane, the phoniness, and the shit I cannot change.

    One woman said "pot is addictive." I countered that SSRIs are usually long term drugs, where people have reported taking them since the early 1990s and have no plans to ever stop taking them. How is that different than addiction? Many of the women then bemoaned their ex-husbands' pot smoking (and all of their ex-husbands are gainfully employed in professional careers like these women are), and the conversation degenerated into this war between the sexes thing.

    So question reiterated: do women generally oppose pot smoking, especially women in their 40s? Or is that just my perception based on the women I've been around?
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    Thanks for the reply and the link. I agree. Women tend to be more religious and believe in irrational shit. But I think we can say that men too are prone to believing made up shit, especially the MAGA types.

    Any personal experiences here? I remember back in college, most of the women toked up with us. Shit, for three years, my dealer was a female college student. Most of my college friends are now facebook friends, and they no longer toke up and are in fact deadset against it. Do others have these same experiences?

    I would like to know that if American women indeed are more prone to opposing marijuana use, then why is that the case? Or, it could be that these are just regional differences given that I'm in the South where women tend to be uptight, keeping-up-with-the-Joneses bitches.

    Anyway, Morrison said "the West is the best, baby..." and I agree. Every time I go out West, the people who sell me pot at the dispensaries are usually women.
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    I live in a legal MMJ state and it seems woman here support medical and recreational girlfriend is a 45 year old cancer survivor and I started growing again a few years ago to supply her meds before becoming an MMJ patient myself a year ago.I'm 60 and remember watching "reefer madness" in school and I guess some older people still believe that propaganda but do you really want to have anything to do with people that ignorant and judgemental ? funny that these conservative woman have no problem with drinking which is far more harmful to individuals and the people around them.perhaps next time a woman gives you shit about your pot use you should ask for a sip of her "driving whiskey" to help calm your nerves hehehehe

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I've known women to be cool with you until they know you smoke pot. But then again I've also known women who didn't think I'd be a stoner. But, were cool with it none the less.

    My current partner used to smoke it a bit. Doesn't any more. But doesn't care that I'm right into the cultivation and consumption of a plant that's not legal here.
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    I was thinking when I read the original post that women are also more likely to be religious.
    Nothing against women personally, but they are more likely to follow the popular opinion in general. And not oppose it or ask questions. I think they are more prone to want to be acceptable in appearance to outside society. This ties into following societal norms.
    Alas, cannabis is still largely socially unacceptable and this is the result.
    Although prescription drugs are of course much more dangerous, they are socially acceptable.
    Further, women being mothers, are more protective of their children and of the herds'
    children. So, anything that is socially unacceptable must also be harmful to children.

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    I think that women generally support legalization less than men do, at least according to polls. That being said I wouldn't say that they are more likely to believe in bullshit or whatever.
    Lucky Luke

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    Women are more cautious by nature. They are also more Conservative.

    Mary J has always been propagandized as neither of those.
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    Interesting question. Since I'm in the industry I tend to associate more with women who smoke. That said, I notice they generally smoke less and can skip it quit more easily.

    Maybe there's not just a psychological angle but a physiological component as well?

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    I just love the fact that so many men consider themselves "experts" on women. Please don't generalize. I'm 61 years old and I've been growing and smoking longer than most of the guys on this site have been alive. About half of my clients are women and they are my age and older. I'm not cautious or conservative, and I certainly don't adhere to popular opinion. You guys obviously aren't traveling in the right circles.
    Tim Fox

    Tim Fox Well-Known Member

    Right there! spot on,
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    DiogenesTheWiser Well-Known Member

    So I read all the replies in addition to the OP, and not once did any male claim that they were experts on women. In fact, the OP asks a question about women, and so implicit in the question is that the male doesn't understand something about women is asking for clarification or explanation.

    Get off your high horse, and be better at reading comprehension.

    I'd be hard pressed to find any male other than King Donald Trump who claims they are an expert on women. Just about every man I've ever met, when the subject came up, explicitly stated something to the effect that "I don't know one goddamned thing about women and what makes them tick, and I'll go to my grave never having one inkling of understanding about them..."

    Rest assured, women, you all are enigmas, riddles, connundrums, all wrapped up in mystery. We have no idea what goes on inside your heads, and you females never ever tell us!

    In contrast, men are easy to understand. We tell you what's in our heads (and then you denigrate us for it). What's in our heads? What makes men tick? That's simple. We want to feel good all of the time, and we'll stick our dicks in mud if there aren't any other alternatives. That's all there is to men. That's it. That's all. That's simple.

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    I see that you don't mind generalizing men as well as women. Perhaps a name change is in order. If you don't know anything about women, it's because you've never really taken the time to listen. Get your dick out of the mud and pay attention. We are not a mystery. We are just people with the same desires as you.
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    DiogenesTheWiser Well-Known Member

    Bullshit. The women in my life for the past 47 years have never explained shit and I'm willing to listen, but instead women just bemoan that men don't know anything about women and leave it that. "I shouldn't have to tell you what I'm thinking or how I'm feeling, you should KNOW!" -- every woman in my life has said that, lovers, grandmothers, mom, step-sisters, friends.

    You generalize too. Men do not think we're experts on women. In fact, quite the opposite. We admit our ignorance, and women denigrate us for it.
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    cindysid Well-Known Member

    I'll give you that point. Men find women confusing. I just don't think that men and women are that different. I've known quite a few men who have taken offense that I didn't anticipate their needs. I don't think it's a gender related issue. What I am really trying to say is that we are all individuals regardless of gender. Some are sensitive, some are callous, some are needy. If you want a cannabis lifestyle, don't get involved with someone who doesn't.
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    Tim Fox

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    I find women easy to understand,, I listen to them,, they have needs and feelings like any other person, be it male or female,, women have hopes and dreams,, they fear death just like us men, they love family and have big hearts and are capable of much love, women are allot tougher than men typically give them credit for, often times i find they will stick to something longer and have better determination than men,
    when weed was prohibited in the states i lived in,, of course my wife was against it,, she didnt want me to go to jail,, she wanted me to be around for her and the children,,,
    but now that its legal here,, she is happy i no longer drink from the bottle,, and so am i
    its a good life for sure
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    Rooster802 Active Member

    I think that we still have a traditional society with a male dominated power base. And despite boxes and boxes of evidence that "pot" is non-toxic and very much medicinal the power base is very much anti-marijuana (for personal profit motivated reasons). In my experience, conservative women in a traditional male dominated society are the strongest supporters of the "rules." If you look to Saudi it is the old women that are the most set on maintaining a society that doesn't allow equality between the sexes. I think you have made this observation, but please remember it is a handful of powerful men that are keeping the propaganda about the demon weed alive. Anybody who has been watching Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale" can see an excellent fictional portrayal of this phenomenon. They are just good at getting their "fan" base to support them. Not unlike how Trump managed to get the people he intended to screw the most to vote for him. Not about the sexes at all, but more an observation about American culture specifically and male dominated culture in general.

    DiogenesTheWiser Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, in my social circles, there aren't any women who are okay with my weed use. The pitfalls of small town living.

    DiogenesTheWiser Well-Known Member

    Just about every male I know smokes weed. Just about every female I know doesn't (or they gave it up after college). So I'm sympatico with the OP. It seems to me that women generally don't approve of the herb. Even a facebook friend in Colorado is about to divorce his wife over this very issue.

    And Jeff Secessions is the conservative, powerful male who's spreading antiquated propaganda about the "evil" bud. I wish one of his staffers would bring brownies to work!

    vostok Well-Known Member

    its not rocket science

    but once girl or boy gets above 30yo

    they/ me grow their own

    the social circle tightens

    you know who you can trust

    you just don't need the hassle

    and theirs a lot of hassle

    so like anyone else with stuff you may need to conceal

    you keep it cool and low profile

    but I'm with Cindy ^^^

    you need to be in the right circles

    the differanece betweeen boy and girl here is zero
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