Are these plants looking okay? I think i flipped to early at 3 weeks.

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    Smithy1 Well-Known Member

    Yooo folks here a few pics off my plants they only had a weeks life as a seedling and around 3 weeks veg (i was worried with the stretch) so i dlipped flipped after 3 weeks they have all been topped and are 2 weeks inro flower today,

    They are in 16L Rhizo pots and are getting the full canna range and obviously growing in coco.

    They are 2 Royal Cheese and 2 White Widow also feom RQS,

    Question is what so you guys think my overall yield will be? I know its a guessing game but i dont want to have went to all this edfort just to get a ounce off each plant all because i didnt veg long enough.

    Heres some pics.

    See how much space there is up rop off the tent and its 2m? They are bushy but i wanted rhem to grow a lot taller which im a little dissapointed about.

    So what do you guys reckon about total yield ill be over the moon if i get 5 oz personally, They are on every canna nute going and i cant wait to hit them with their PK spike at week 5,

    By the way this is my second ever grow ill admit my first was terrible ao i spent £500 on a tent brand new tent and everythimg to fo with it the best off.

    Thoughts people? Cheers Smith.

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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Dead on a pound.
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    Smithy1 Well-Known Member

    16 oz?! Are you pulling my leg lol i only vegged them for 3 weeks another week if you class the seedling stage, so 4.
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    westcoast420 Well-Known Member

    Dont bother counting your chickens man, just focus on getting a nice crop to the finish line. Plants look good.
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    Smithy1 Well-Known Member

    Cheers buddy its only my second grow to.

    Flowki Well-Known Member

    Try and upload photos without the hps. If the plants are healthy now til finish around 2oz per plant is a safe bet just on looks. Predicting any more than that is too subjective.

    Plant height is no more important than plant width. The lack of width you have is why you will not yield as much, since you have not covered the top level foot print with leaves. As long as the plants are over 1foot tall so that root temps have a buffer to stay lower than canopy temps, the width is all that really matters after that. You can have smaller plants but it takes more caution.

    Judging by what you said, next time try to top once more at 3 weeks and then veg for another week or two. Or don't top again and let them fan out, they will get taller but that doesn't mean they yield more or less. Again, it's simply about covering the top 4x4/3x3 or w/e with leaves, do what you need to do for that in the fastest time you can.

    For this run, since you didn't lolli pop then at-least you have lower leaves to soak up some of the light getting wasted. You still won't yield as much but you'll get some of the yield back that way.
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    Smithy1 Well-Known Member

    Cheers for your advice ive just came back down feom where they are at and locked the door or i would off put some pics up without hps on,

    Thankyou for your advice, i just panicked a bit with the vegging i read alot online and the majority off people said veg for about 4 weeks in a 2m high tent so i did feom the day the seed popped out the soil then i was reading that some strains can tripple in size after the 12/12 flip so that scared the shit out off me i tnought all this work could be outdone and my plants tryimg to grow out the ceilimg and having ro start again.

    Im just dissapointed wirh my plamt height as you can see in rhe pics i was hoping for 4 tall plants with buds the size off my arm lol

    But still its not to bad for my second grow do you think? Ive already got the next one planned im currently growing im Rhinzo pots 16L but what im foimg to do is go for 6 in there with 6 10 Litre square pots, 2 strains off each.

    Whats your thoughts on that do tou think its a good idea or do you rhink i should just think stick to the 4 16L Rhizo pots and grow 4 big ones lol? Ill be topping everyplant again and give them a 5-6 week veg, but if i do put the 6 in ill do a shorte veg time obviously for space.

    You seem a experienced grower so i thought id ask you you domt have to anser the bombardments off quesrions if you dont want to lol

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    Flowki Well-Known Member

    Honestly you need to get it out of your head that tall plants mean more yield. Yes with the correct lighting they would yield more but that also means you have to veg longer. You yield more in one harvest but you harvest less times per year.. and that could well mean you yield less per year. I've seen people who veg upto 6 month and get like 40+ ounce off one plant. Sounds amazing for one plant.. but people doing sog with plants 1/12th the size will get double that or more in the same time frame as they get two or three harvests and very little veg time to slow it down (example numbers). Like I said earlier it's about filling the width of the tent with leaves as fast as you can, not the height.

    If you are on a single tent run and must use the space to veg/flower then more yet smaller plants would be better, you will quicker fill the foot print and get them ready to flower. If you are on a perpetual with two tents then you are locked into the flower time so you have to veg within that time frame. In that situation many people choose to have fewer plants because they will get bigger with longer veg. However, even in that case it's more optimal to do sog but sog isn't as logistically easy as a few plants in big pots.

    You seem deflated and you shouldn't be.. 2oz per plant is only my subjective minimum if they remain healthy. It's always better to assume minimums so you don't have it smoked (or spent) before you have it. It's good advice that was passed onto me for any walk of life ^^.

    Btw, you can have a 6 foot tall plant indoor but only the top 8 inches or so will be dense good bud if the canopy is full. Below that point for most of us, the density and maturity begins to fade as our lights can not penetrate that far, so a lot of that veg time is waste. You may see techniques like main lining etc that have longer dense buds, but it's a bit of a mirage. The buds only get that dense because the canopy has gaps in it. They are losing intensity and yield over all. The figures people get with small sog plants confirms everything I say irrefutably, the closer you can mimic sog the more you yield. That's the facts you want to base from.
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    Smithy1 Well-Known Member

    Good informative post buddy, I just got the impression that the more height you use you will will have branches with big colas on and that the tent will be bulging thats why i bought 16L Rhizo pots so i could grow 4 big plants, Ive been thinking about learning the technique odf the sea off green method but it seems a bit complicated ro a new indoor grower this is only my second grow inside my first one was full off mistskes and was a big learnimg curve this one is doing lovely my uncle who is 50 odd year old and has been growing 30 odd year sais they 'look stunning" where his words he taught me a few things and left me to it he comes around about once a month and hel be giving me a hand this time trimming instead off me been doing it for him for 15 years lol

    But overall im pleased wirh this run i have topped every each plant 2 times in veg when they where small, Im growimg in coco and im miximg all my nutes and additives in 1 10L bucket and i feed each plant one litre around a hour after rhe lights go on for 12 hours just after 12 in the afternoon so around 1.

    Another important thing that i when im in there is ill take each plant out and do leaf tucking so all rhe shoots comimg up the middle off the plant can get light and shoot up, I dont get it when ive read when people snip bignfan lleafs off just so other parts off the plants can get maximum light then the only other thimg i take take rhe odd few yellow leafs rhat are dying off the plant and a few other leafs and the odd shoot so the plant can give all its energy pruducing flowers. I cant wait ro see what i get off rhem rhen 2 weeks roday rhey get rheir ome weeks PK boost, Ramblin here arnt i you kmow where your blazed and you think deep as fuck lol

    Just sorted all the spellin mistakes out, Strong this haze like lol
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    Flowki Well-Known Member

    16L is a good size pot for 4 plants on a perpetual since you have at-least 9 weeks of veg to play with. If however you only have one tent then you might be better served using nine 7L pots (estimate size) as you will reduce veg time a fair bit by filling in the canopy quickly. Be it 4 or 9 pots, you can also use a scrog net at the start of veg or at the start of flower. By doing the appropriate amount of topping the net serves as a support for heavy buds but also allows you to keep the canopy more level by tucking. At that point, with the correct amount of pots you are getting as close to sog as you can, the only real way to improve on it logically, is to sog. The difficulty with sog is that the smaller the pot sizes you go, the more it leans toward automated feeding. That adds risks such as flooding, pump failures and a range of other pit falls.

    Hopefully this doesn't confuse you, but doing a perpetual doesn't mean you have to use big pots. You can still sog with small pots but you take cuttings later so that they don't get as big, and that means you need a mother plant or lots of seeds. This and above are the logistic hurdles that push most people into fewer big pots with longer veg, it's easier.

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