Are the seedbanks getting screwed with credit card orders again?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by MonkeyGrinder, Jan 10, 2017.


    MonkeyGrinder Well-Known Member

    Just poked around my usual place Herbies. CC orders are no to the states atm. I haven't used a different bank in years. Like over 4 years.
    Looked into Midweek but they have a notice from Nov 2016 about how they can't accept them and no update stating differently. All emails inquiring will be ignored.
    (Although the CC Payment option is still on the site for US orders)
    If anyone knows if Midweek has changed this please let me know.
    I honestly don't even want to type Attitude into my browser. I'd rather go buy some mexi brick and pull the seeds out/germ them than do business with those guys.

    I really hate doing cash orders because I don't want outgoing mail to a well known bank. The local Leos here have been working with the postal service after a semi recent contraband find (no busts) And the Sheriff's Dept does in pay out here for info leading to charges.
    I have a way around that but I'll have to add a step to the whole process.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    why not just use a fake name and address on the outside of the envelope when you mail things that you'd not want traced back to you? that's what i usually do, not saying that i'd use an ex gf's name and address in case something were to happen or anything though.. :)
    Kind Sir

    Kind Sir Well-Known Member

    I'm making an order to midweek today, I have to send cash. What's the best way to do that? I read to send it with Registered mail? Girlfriend said to put the cash between thick paper in a bubble wrap envelope?

    Thefarmer12 Well-Known Member

    Use an American seedbank. No reason to.use overseas anymore unless you want something specific...

    Thefarmer12 Well-Known Member

    Fake names are more likely to get you busted. Use a real name and of they come knockin just deny it. Anyone could mail you anything without your consent.
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    mechanicritter Member

    Have you found any cbd seedbanks in the US that take bit coin? That seems a lot safer than cc or mailing cash.

    GreenLegend420 Well-Known Member

    I would be more worried about shady postal workers stealing the cash. Send a money order its the same thing just fill it out first so no one can pocket it.

    Gonefishn7420 Well-Known Member

    Just from my experience, package it well and always send it priority mail, this has never failed me. I have had envelopes I have botched addresses on and they get return to sender still with he cash in the envelope.
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i should have made myself a bit clearer in my original post.. when i was talking about using a fake name, i wasn't talking about using say jack mayhoffer or dick hurtzer or mike hunt, i meant just using a name that isn't mine, matched with a real address, that's also not mine, and usually is the correct address for the "fake" name i'm putting on the envelope.
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