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    Odin* Well-Known Member

    @eastcoastled It’s bomb, atomic. Every bit as good as my “M’s”. Nose, flavor, sticky icky greasy.

    I wrote this up during takedown, forgot about it;

    It’s difficult to decipher images, so much is lost in “translation”. The images do not do it any justice.

    The greasy, sticky, oiliness of it is on par with my best (~30 strains). Dry, pinch between forefinger and thumb, is “squishy” like a booger, and sticks to finger/thumb (try flicking that off). Glistens like it’s wet (or “diamond dipped”) and maintains weight like it also. You might second guess it being ready to bag, or not.

    Something interesting happened. I had identified two favorable phenos (1 OG, 1 Cookies) and written the rest off as “duds”. Well, the Cookie keeper pheno is amazing, Cookie “dud” is good, but the keeper is insane. With the OG phenos, the “duds” have made a comeback.

    All phenos have dense trichome “blankets”.

    Scooby3: Nose/flavor dead nuts between the mom and dad. Light/aqua green, purple accents. Very nice.

    Scooby4: Heavily “Face Off OG” dom. Haven’t had the pleasure of Face Off, so not familiar with it’s nose, but this has to take the best from it, and the “sharpest” citrus sherbet dessert nose from the Cookies. Super Sour Citrus Fuel, extremely “sharp”, excessive even. Crazy sour lemon Pledge carpet cleaner fuel, with a “fragment” of the Cookies on the back end. Sinus burning, like snorting horse radish. My sinuses “burned” for nearly two hours after “checking the bag”. No bs. This was more “sour pungent fuel” than the real Sour Diesel I ran for a while “back in the day”. I can’t say enough about this one. Very light green, dense trichome “paste”, punishing nose, potent. Wow. :eyesmoke:

    Scooby5: “Dud” Cookie pheno. “Dud” belies it’s true nature. If I didn’t have real deal GSC, my “M-series” (multi-pheno/crossed Animal Cookies “bagseed”), or the “stupid bomb” keeper pheno of Scooby, this would be a fine catch. The crew hasn’t gotten to this one yet (focusing on “M4”, which makes up more than half the room), so will have more to say (tomorrow/Friday/finish)... Finished, it’s bomb, but #6 is notably better.

    Scooby6: Amazing Cookie dom pheno. Unmistakable Cookie nose, with some of the Face Off mixed in. Dense, bulbous, GSC bud structure. “Creamy Icing”, deep purpleblack leaves and marbled buds. Beautiful plant/buds.

    Scooby7: Initially my favored OG pheno. Strong OG nose with the Cookies there, unmistakable. Not as strong of a Sour pungent OG nose as #4, but very nice. OG buds, but with Cookie icing and purple hues.

    1 & 2 were males, expressed in the first few days of bloom. A few others showed nuts in veg. Enough “hidden” nanners thrown that they seeded some Gelato’s (#33), M10’s, M7’s, M4’s, M3’s, and GSCs. Nothing too bad though, few beans here and there. Hopefully have some keepers in those crosses. 3-7 will all be ran again, need at least one more run to make sure I make the right decision. 4 & 6 are definitely staying, maybe 3 & 7 make the cut as well. All unique enough to be distinguishable.

    This has me looking forward to popping “King’s Stash” (Louie XIII x Dosidos) and Dosidos#22.

    With that said, don’t bother, they’re garbage.


    Terrapin2 Well-Known Member

    sweeties @ 17 days or so. IMG_2208.JPG IMG_2210.JPG

    eastcoastled Well-Known Member

    @Odin* thanks for the detailed response. After growing archives product, I understand why he has the soup-nazi attitude....b/c he knows exactly what he has. Based on my heat issues, I had some of the poorest flowers I have ever grown(still better than anything that comes over from the west coast, but you know what I mean as a grower)....our opinions are easily corrupted based on our connection to the plant/grow. It's pretty damn close to someone telling you your baby is ugly lol!!

    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    But some babies definately are ugly
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    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    Kings Stash Day 2 after flip

    I revegged her after sexing. Very happy with how shes growing. Will post back with updates.

    Also have 2 designers og ladies I couldn't get to for photos. Will post when I get a chance.

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    40AmpstoFreedom Well-Known Member

    What was everyone's experience with pure Face Off OG as far as smell goes?

    Anyone ever get sour notes?
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    akhiymjames Well-Known Member

    Very hit or miss since he turned into a big chucker. Wouldn’t dare pay for his Chem gear when there’s much cheaper and just as good or better out there. Will never get a dime of my money again

    eastcoastled Well-Known Member

    5 for 5 on the sweeties pack I opened, even after forgetting about them and having to man handle them with their long ass tails. They are up,and growing.

    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    I am running sister city. But ya all the bad rep he has... Plus his prices...
    Im doing a chem showdown felt like i had to include him. To be fair.
    Plus a chem and diesel strain?! Sign me up
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    akhiymjames Well-Known Member

    Two Dosidos #23 f2 phenos. One OG dom and the other cookie dom. Gonna be interesting to see looking much better since transplant. Don’t laugh at my diaper boxes either lol they come in handy for lots of stuff :mrgreen:

    918A01FA-501B-4C30-9DC4-BA522FEBA12E.jpeg 3F53484B-C913-4387-8B0B-994E5FF8765A.jpeg

    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    Nice man

    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    I hope you find some females. I got four males and one possible female ( I count them "full females" couple weeks into flower from a seed run ). Gave a friend three seeds and he got a female, a male and one seed fizzled out.

    eastcoastled Well-Known Member

    Thanks, the other face off crosses (Casper & lemon heads) both went one out of 4 female to male....or maybe it was only 3 seeds each, can't remember.
    Lemon heads second run. Last run if she doesn't come out better this time....then I'll have to drop a couple more

    Mr.Estrain Well-Known Member

    Hey guys n gals, I'm looking for archive retailers that ship internationally?

    Found a cpl, online but is there any instagram specific ones I should check out or a preferred one?

    Kinda late to the party but looking for a secret formula and some dosidos f2s

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    akhiymjames Well-Known Member

    Dosidos 23 f2 pheno A 50/50 pheno but prolly more cookies. Loving the look much slower than the OG pheno but love the smell from it. Can’t wait to see these in flower long way to go tho I’ll post the second pheno C soon that one will get flowered first it’s vegging fast. Photobomb by Animal Face by Seed Junky


    rocker335 Well-Known Member

    I have found your description about Archive gear sometimes having "terps (that) are weak" with, "bag appeal (that) is weaker.....but the stone is powerful" to be so true.

    Haven't grown any Archive gear but have sampled Face on Fire, a few non clone-only cuts of Dosidos, Casper OG, and a few others I can't recall. The buzz was damn excellent on all, but the flavor and terps were just not comparable to the clone-only mothers of the strain. Just my 2 cents - albeit all the Archive gear that I smoked (probably the same grower) was triched out w/ decent to great bag appeal. I think you will get what you pay for for $200 if you are taking cannabis professionally, however, I myself wouldn't pay full price.
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    Odin* Well-Known Member

    Regarding Scooby’s nose, “intense”, especially OG pheno #4, but #6 (Cookie), and #7 (OG with purple and a hint of Cookie “nose”) were exceptionally “loud”.

    ~3 weeks in on Round 2 and Scooby #7 is firing rockets. #7 seeded a few Gelato’s, “M10’s”, and “M4’s” in Round 1. Found some banana hammocks down low and one that had blown it’s load today (Round 2). Chopped all the “nutty” branches and am going to keep an eye on her. If she busts a nut in Round 3, she’s getting tossed (hope she doesn’t, Keeper if she shows stability).

    Odin* Well-Known Member

    Aside from the “M’s” (Animal Cookies bagseed gifted by sis-in-law), the Scoobies are by far the best beans I’ve popped, and are every bit as good as the best I’ve grown/smoked/smelled/bagged. I’ve got some old school elite “clone only’s”, the Scoobies are legit challengers.

    #4 and #6 are for sure staying. 28 day’s in and 4’s sugars are already greasy glistening thick. Pinch is giving that same sour citrus fuel funk. The nose is leagues above any other OG I’ve ever encountered. I have 2 very old OG’s, HPK (Not really OG, but so many group it in with them), and a really bomb *The White x unknown OG* x GG4. They all have exceptional nose and bag appeal, but Scooby4 blows them out of the water, then lights them up, and spreads their ashes.

    It’s nose, so sour citrus fuel, that I’m toying with the idea that it isn’t a Scooby (Platinum Cookies x Face Off OG), but “something else” x Face Off. It’s possible that a bean from one of the OG crosses slipped into the pack. If so, it makes me wonder “which cross?”. If not, where did this overwhelming sour citrus fuel come from? Maybe something far back in Face Off’s lineage (it’s just OG bagseed).

    Things that make you go hmm.

    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    Designer og 1 day 33


    Designer og 2 day 33


    Kings stash day 33 very difficult to photograph. 3x stretch dosi Dom. Looking at top 1/4 of plant


    Odin* Well-Known Member

    I want to see your “King’s Stash” reach potential, got a pack I’m sitting on. You’ve got some “growing pains”. Care to share medium, etc, so I can help square it away?
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