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    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    anybody hunting any of these? i picked most but i only know half these strains.

    50+ g.s.c. x hj
    30 sweet wille haze
    5 dr. grinspoon or dr grinspoon x ata tundra , not sure
    15 707 truth band x dragons blood
    10 dragons blood
    10 jedi deadhead
    5 critical flo x dragons blood
    10 ctf
    10 ctf x kool aid
    5 vortex x garlic bud
    10 hashplant
    10 beldia morocan hash plant
    10 neville's haze
    10 neviles haze (m) crossed to a mango haze (f)
    3 killa queen x blue chochlate
    4 ghost og x ???
    6 herijauna
    6 jalisco
    6 g39
    5 pink gravy
    5 purple kush
    10 purple candy kush
    10 molokai
    6 unknwn hawwaian
    5 maui waui
    5 grape god x nuken
    5 afgan hashplant
    10 white god
    10 mr nice guy x sweet dreams
    10 grape banner
    10 sweet cali hindu
    10 cali med x bubble gum
    10 swamp donkey
    10 appalachian fat bastard
    13 orange goo
    12 denver derbin kush
    22 el pueblo
    8 afgan black water
    6 russian cheese
    6 psych 27
    5 rasberry crumble x deadhead
    5 ?facemelt x d6og ??

    2 - nl (fem)
    3 - amneisia haze (fem)

    5 - g13 x haze - fem
    5 Cindy's solution r4
    5 Charlotte web
    10 afgoo x hurkle (gurkle?)
    10 wifi x hurkle (hifi?)
    10 hurkle x hurkle (hurkle?)
    ****************************423+55=478 - 10 = 468 regular seeds
    200 rudy from russia
    200 latvia hemp.
    150 portugal hemp

    6 charletts web
    .5 of pollen

    6 puna budder

    hank= cbd
    charletts web

    20 mr nice
    20 banana goo
    5? ?ak47??

    i traded about 500 seeds for about 488
    i lost about 100 seeds to scammers
    i also ended up with 500 rudy and hemp
    and gave away 400 miniature mutants i breed
    i recommend trading although a number of these stains will be f2s, few will be fake or miss named strains i believe.
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    Observe & Report

    Observe & Report Well-Known Member

    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    ok that will be a low guess. if i only value each seed as a dollar or 2.
    i payed about 3 for each pack plus seed for seed and i gave extra. some of these could go for 10 and over but min 3 avg 5 some 10 because of availability is limited of some and some are well sought after.
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    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    what seeds on your list is sought after?
    I cant seem to locate those ones...
    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    seriously? even in crosses?
    Charlottes web
    cindys solution
    rasberry crumble x deadhead as deadhead and the raspberry which is raspberry pheno pre 98 bubba ...
    grape banner is bruce banner
    mr nice guy in good cross
    all the dragons blood
    neville's haze is a canabis cup winner on all the seed shops top $$$
    neviles haze (m) crossed to a mango haze (f) both good and i trusted the trader, we got along so they sent their favorite strain as a bonus.
    pink gravy is from some riu people. it's hyped up and i bought it so it better be fire
    ctf is what a few riu growers grow
    maui wowi.... you're fucking with me right?
    beldia morocan hash plant actual landrace heirloom
    jedi deadhead

    mr nice
    banana goo is norcal x afgan goo ,, i hunt goo strains and this is likely from the original super goo after it was back grossed to make af goo
    these are legit best in the world strains from nor cal

    puna budder
    ^are land race

    707 truth band x dragons blood either one is rare fire
    grinspoon is discontinued fav of some

    g39 is a seed shop hybrid g13 analog, a cross of haze and g13.. i forgot but it's popular
    dever durban kush is like the ctf, not sure but i hear it's fire

    hemp and ruderalis are hunted and i have projects for them

    i could go on. where u pulling my leg?

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    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    well in that case Mr nice crosses and perhaps the wifo cross.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    I am aware of 487 different types of White Widow

    yeah from 487 different breeders

    anyone can unzip their fly as you

    but you gotta include the breeder or your ego post is er...



    throwdo Well-Known Member

    I'd like some of those beans def a good selection of beans
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    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    thanks. it's not an ego post , i want opinions. you get the same issue with most seed companies.

    justugh Well-Known Member

    this is easy ......unless u can show me paperwork for each strain and seal or something proving those seeds say what they are .....they are worth nothing
    (they could be bag seeds from mexican shawag weed ........i had jars filled with those)........this is the problem with trading seeds with other ppl u have to take on faith what they are saying the only way to know for sure is to pop and grow everyone one of those seeds and cross check it with know samples of that strain to prove the plant is that strain (by then the investment is no longer there )

    plus to value a seed u need to know the age of it too as they do go bad after so long to oxygen and temps .......there is no way on this planet to give u a actual number value to it

    vostok Well-Known Member

    ........this is the problem with trading seeds with other ppl u have to take on faith what they are saying mean Fast Seeds is still around ...???? lol
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    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    Thaks guys. i would bet my arm that out of trading 50 strains with say 20 breeders and traders that some of it is100% legit. now most may be breed by a grower after they get the from a seed bank or from someone else who did. so a strain that is ibl is proly stil ibl. a cross of 2 is an f1. however some people breed say a1f1 to a1f1 and just say they have the cross but it's f2 now. some crosses were f2 outcrossed to anything and just called a cross, so when a strain says something it is but it's maybe in a less disirable stage of breeding, this can keep going with breeders randomly selecting, instead of selecting origanal or best phenotypes. Then of cousre some people lie or were lied to and so mixing of less desirable traits does happen. most breeders want ibl,heirloom , landrace, or f1. some breeders know what they are doing. i ask questions and people tell me things and i hunt. certain info should be available and sometimes i find out where it came from. i run a quailty control page and checkout other forums. so i know who to avoid or has a good rep and i get a picture of peoples experience growing what they trade for. some don't know what they have but some are sure things where legit after a full grow. as for people switching in swag or hemp or sending ramen seasoning as pollen, it happens but about as often as people sell oregano as weed , so almost never. bottom line it's a gamble that will only payoff by growing these out and finding the gems and tossing trash. i am going to be head of genetics at a new co-op business that is merging with a succesful dispensery. u say worthless, i say priceless. once i isolate and breed the strains i want and weed out the rest i will have hundreds of valueable desirable seeds.
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    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    another thing with trading is that the best seeds in the world are not all in shops and the risk of getting ripped off is not higher with a random trader than with a random seed bank. yet the price of shipping is far less then the price of paying some company's rent.
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    Kjudah420 Active Member

    I'll test a few strains send me the maybe pile. ;-)
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    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    Exactly! very well put, my friend.
    Father Ramirez

    Father Ramirez Well-Known Member

    I'll appraise your collection seriously... great fodder for our podcast. We're planning a segment on the silly names in use.
    Those are some of the best ever.
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    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    sounds interesting. I 'd love to tune in.

    Creature1969 Well-Known Member

    I hope you have Hubbabubbasmelloscope on that list. Seems fitting.
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    GrowGorilla Well-Known Member

    About $500 if they aren't in breeders packs
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