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    Chillyn New Member

    HI everyone. I have a quick question. I applied yesterday and adhs took the money put of my account today for the application. Does this mean I was accepted? My status on the wedsite says the Application has been Received by the Program.


    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Yes, once ADHS has debited the money from your account you should expect your card within a week or so. Give or take.

    And just so you know, when you renew your card if you have the paperwork filed and sent in before the actual expiration date you will still be legal even if your card shows as "expired". It's because you've already been put in the ADHS system as a renewal so even though you don't actually have your new card yet, you're still legal.

    Something that freaked me out when I first renewed.

    Chillyn New Member

    Cool! Thanks for the heads up! I actually got an email today saying my card is on the way. Wahoo! I want to be like, here...let me save you a stamp and I'll come pick it up xD

    Any good recommends for dispensaries? I seen a lot give first timer deals.

    I'm anxious to see what az has got to offer. I just moved here from oregon.

    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    I've only been to Kind Connection in Havasu myself, so unfortunately that's all I'm able to comment on. They were charging $50/8th and I got near 1.5g for a first time patient deal. I got their Lemon Skunk and their Ghost OG, both of which had an amazing smell and flavor.. however the potency left a lot to be desired in my personal opinion. I suspect the growers were spraying terpenes and/or bud candy on the meds. It is the only thing that explains how these dense buds can smell and taste so good, yet have mediocre potency. I come from California, so I'm going to be a bit more biased much like you likely will seeing as you're from Oregon.

    Unfortunately, with the 25 mile radius rule against growing you likely won't be finding much quality in this state if I had to guess. I believe close to, if not over 90% of the MMJ patients in Arizona are within 25 miles of a dispensary and therefore cannot grow. This makes it much easier for certain dispensaries to monopolize, especially when 20-25% of the dispensaries in this state don't even grow their own product.

    If you happen to be over 25 miles away from a dispensary, I would recommend growing it yourself. It's quite rare to find a good dispensary these days seeing as most of them have what I like to refer to as the "McDonalds mentality". Much like there is no need for McDonalds to source the absolute best quality beef to make money, dispensaries typically don't need to source the absolute best quality either. The consumers of both businesses don't seem to know/care, so why should the purveyors?

    Before 2010, a vendor could get anywhere between $2800-$3600/lb depending on the quality. I've known some guys that used to get $4k/lb before 2006. Stuff on the shelves in dispensaries was almost always fire because the people that grew fire were being paid what they were worth. That all changed when everyone and their mom started growing outdoors. Gradually, these dispensaries stopped paying the professionals the $3k+/lb they were worth and instead bought amateur quality for $1200-$2000/lb but kept their prices the same.

    It has now become difficult to find truly quality meds these days because the experts aren't being paid what they're worth anymore. To make things worse, your average consumer didn't notice/care and willingly continued paying $45-$55/8th for worse quality product.

    Unless you know someone growing quality, or grow it yourself, you're likely going to be paying $45+ for an eighth of mediocre grown outdoor bud. Even worse is the fact that you can now buy terpenes online, so even if you grow something that is garbage you can simply spray some terpenes on it. And that's the best case scenario, God only knows if there's any mold/mildew/pesticides/etc in it.

    The game has changed an awful lot in just these last 5-10 years. I used to be a vendor and worked in a dispensary. My organic outdoor was better than a decent amount of "indoor" you see on the shelves. Most "indoor" is actually outdoor. How do I know? I sold my outdoor for $2k/lb to this dispensary, wanting to provide patients with $35/8ths instead of $45+ but do you know what happened? They were selling my outdoor as "top shelf indoor" for $50/8th. I was livid and threatened to both quit AND stop vending if he didn't change the prices right then and there after I confronted him. I learned the hard way these people don't give a fuck about patients, both as a vendor and a patient. In the end, it's just business for these people.

    tl;dr: Don't get too anxious about what this state has to offer, as you will be disappointed. Especially coming from Oregon. Growing it yourself is your best bet, otherwise you will be disappointed.

    greywind Well-Known Member

    I don't make it out to dispensaries often, but I have tried many in Maricopa County, Phoenix area. Swell was my go to when I was in need for a while. They had the best daily deals for a long time. Ponderosa Releaf was one that impressed me earlier this year. Pretty good smelling OG's, which I think is a pretty hard thing to find in AZ.

    Hope you enjoy AZ for all it has to offer. Cheers!

    LinguaPeel Well-Known Member

    I've been to over half the dispensaries in AZ, they do not have a clue what weed is. Seriously brainless growers.

    Theres a place that grow OGs, ever single one smells like deodorant. Literally tastes like a scent from the deodorant industry. Las time I checked Ghost OG didn't smell like deodorant and make me puke. Or OG18. Or every other OG.

    Dude above says this shit tastes good, probably because it has a smell other than hay. Big problem in AZ. People don't have taste buds and think smell equals taste. No one here really believes weed has flavor, they think it's just a game to play along with. First strain I got in AZ tasted like lemon peels, nothin like weed. Bitter. I was wondering why "tangie" smelled like lemons instead of tangerine supreme, or whatever that strain was in the 90s. One vape sesh later and now I know. That was my introduction to fake weed. Fake smell = fake weed as far as Im concerned. Half the people I grew up with only smoked because of the enticing aromas and flavors.. Now, here in a medical state it's moldy leaves and peanut shells. Lemon peels and bottle perfumes that taste like smoking literal perfume would. Wtf. Buzzkill mean anything anymore? You can't get high off that shit ! Really you cant! Drying sheet weed! Belongs in the trash and we all know this.

    The bud here is fucking disgusting. I started growing again just because no one else even knows what clean bud is. I'm not even picky. I smoke trim and sell my nicest buds, because my trim is smokable, thats all I require is to be able to smoke the shit, honestly, and no dispensary on the east side can even do that.

    The bud just doesn't taste like bud from these places, you're smelling grow products and these lunatics behind the counter are calling them weed terps. Lol the shit was laughable for about a year. Now it's just scary as it sinks in what kind of people I'm surrounded by who can smoke peel and rind juice soaked into shitty chemical premie neemie larf scraps. Are they human? These express lane cannoisseurs. "I only smoke my lemon peels through a Raw. Oh you're out of GSC? I'll just take Gorilla Glue or whatevers popular then, who cares if it's gonna taste like dial soap and lime peels". Shit baffles me beyond comprehension.

    Every dispensary I've been to has had weed with foreign contaminants you could EASILY smell. There's no real terpenes to make smelling the grow products very difficult. Neem, pesticides, milk, sugar, fake scents out the ass. These places throw the term "organic" around while you can smell the nutes and they test positive for Eagle 20. The shit is unsmokable, and calling it organic makes my blood boil. I can smell your fucking Hawthorne you lying shit bags.

    We had legislation to change things. The dispensary faggots met with the gov and now the teachers aren't striking and the Mmj fund is paying their lazy asses, and "pesticide testing? What pesticides? Labeling what snake oil th pot was grow with? Its just sun and water right?"

    I still go to dispensaries to laugh and fuck with em a bit, the last 2 I checked, first spot every single bud smelled like juicy fruit and tasted like watermelon rinds and orange peels. Not like watermelons and oranges. Not like Watermelon and orange weed. Exactly like bottled watermelon rind extract and orange peel extract. Except one strain that smelled like the fakest blueberry nonsense ever, and another that smelled like stale popcorn cheddar (madman og?). And the other place? Half the buds smelled like growstore products (same shoe freshener/shoe factory on 40 strains?) the other half smelled EXACTLY like shrooms. Like a cheap motel a/c. Like Rumpelstiltskins taint.

    If you think this shit is "tasty" as they say you seriously need your wiring checked. These places are experimenting with this shit. Testing the lcd market base. They want dumb people who will buy Marlborough bullshit, one gilded gram at a time. They dont want people with standards, or people who buy more than a weeks worth. And this program in AZ has shown them that this is a feasible direction to take legalization. Half these dispensaries are already owned by non American companies.

    That same place with the deodorant bud also had Lemon OG on the too shelf. A classic favorite of course. Smelled EXACTLY like fucking lemon PEELS. Not like lemons, not like weed , not like OG, not like Lemon OG; like bitter ass lemon peel extract from a fucking gimmick bottle at the hydro shop, and not a hint of weed aroma. 15-17 a gram for this shit! You can't tell what any single strain is at these fraudster shops, just a fucking name on a jar and people actually buy it like crazy. You ask for OGs, they look right over Kosher Kush, cuz it doesn't say OG on the jar. Who cares it smells like milk anyway. You ask for something gassy and they start looking at Leafly. Lol Oh you got Race Fuel that might be gassy, nope smells like dial soap. Lol its literally a pretend ass joke! I know what the shit is SUPPOSED to be, how does that change reality? They even lost shit like "Supposedly smells Ike lemons" and it smells like onion powder and milk. Apparently it does change reality for the lcd clientele throwing their money away on this shit. But I'll always smell bullshit when that's what you got t offer.

    Oh well worked out for me in the end. I just had to explain to a few people why my weed smells like weed and tastes good like you're eating desert snacks. Fucking rediculous having to explain weed to rich ass white folk in 2018, it blows my mind coming from the hills.

    The people buying this hydro shop dispensary shit are homeless crackheads and dealers selling to kids. Adults have standards!
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    LinguaPeel Well-Known Member

    Everything at Ponderosa tastes like fish heads and Necco wafer dust. The buds were fucking 60% silicone also.

    If that impresses you I got some dank trim for sale that'll blow your mind. 80 an 8th and it'd be a better deal than Ponderosas bullshit paperweight bud lol

    greywind Well-Known Member

    No thank you, I grow my own and it speaks for itself. No need for me to write an essay explaining why it's good. Enjoy your trim. Cheers!

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