Aphids day of harvest

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by DrWahoos, Feb 2, 2018.


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    Hey guys, Found some beastly aphids hiding on my plant that I was look to harvest today. I'm wondering what options I have to clean them up. I have seen people wash in H202. Luckily its quite dry here in SoCal. But I don't want mold. Anybody have any ideas?
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    i have sprayed aphids off of pepper plants with a hose and water. that's all i got, somebody else will have a better idea...
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    Jypsy Dog

    Jypsy Dog Well-Known Member

    Give it a bath.
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    DrWahoos Member

    So I have seen this and I'm a big fan of Jorge. But I have heard of some problems arising like mold. Have you tried this personally? Or has anyone? This method sounds fantastic but I would love to hear of personal experience.

    NrthrnMichigan Well-Known Member

    I tried this and worked quite well... After I washed them I did a wet trim. Added no extra dry time and no mold. You can actually see the dust, hair floating on the water when finished. It was a side by side test. A few people said the buds tasted better when smoked...personally I could not tell the difference in taste.
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    zem Well-Known Member

    Yeah I tried Jorge Cervantes' way in a tub of H2O2 then showered them with a hose. Tried showering them with a hose only too. I did not notice a drop in potency. I did notice an improvement in taste. After you wash them let them drain then hang them in front of a fan for hours or overnight. This has never caused any mold
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    DrWahoos Member

    Thank you guys for your input! While i'm almost certain this will be perfect and mold, I wonder how it will work on insects. My resin glands ended up trapping some fly hahaha so I will update this post with what I find :) Thanks guys!

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