Anyone try Potter's Gold soil?

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    Two 15g smart pots 55 days veg. 53" from the ground after transplant. Will flip in a couple weeks. Shouldn't have to feed nutrients until flower with this soil.

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    An older thread here, but apparently still getting lots of search engine hits so worthy of follow-up. A heart-felt thanks to all of you who have tried Potter's and provided constructive suggestions for improvement - I've tweaked the recipe slightly several times to incorporate, although I acknowledge my soil will never satisfy all end-users. Forwarded photos have also been helpful, and the "nitrogen whore" reference seems to have persistent merit. Thankfully increased front-end fert load appears to be helping significantly, yet supplemental nutes will still be required for those intolerant of N translocation lag to vigorous shoot tips. The phosphorus discussion initiated by the Professor 3.5 years ago has had interesting ripples, and even with increased bone/fish/crab meals appears to have only exposed limitations of Olsen laboratory extraction. And the mycorrhizal influence touched upon at the time.....well, it's certainly apropos to the conversation but I encourage all of you to research quantitative absorption potential in a root zone environment flooded with soluble P (as many growers seem to believe in).

    A misconception noted at the time was having Potter's Gold pigeonholed as a general purpose hort/ag mix - although this can be interpreted from the bag verbiage, let me be very clear that it's target market (and corresponding soil formulation) is right here where it belongs. Cross marketing is safety net only, yet thankfully I've also received a plethora of positive feedback from alternative sales channels as well.

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    Then why not say so on the bag? That its intended purpose is for cannabis? Dont be like general hydroponics and others. Obviously you wouldnt want to put a big fat pot leaf on the bag lol..but a companys willingness to acknowledge publicly that there products are intended for cannabis cultivation, used to go a long way. Aside from that..looking at the bag in your profile pic..i would have no clue what its intended purpose is, other than a "general" mix.

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    I pictures of tomatoes on your website .
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    Respectfully, your embracing public acknowledgement of cannabis cultivation is not universally shared, even within the family of "hydroponic" and "grow" stores that carry my soil! This was exposed early on after introducing Potter's, and the sensitivity of both current and prospective resellers was unexpectedly widespread. I've certainly come to appreciate their concerns from the standpoint of pervasive stigma and potential risk - business banking can become a minefield, local municipalities have authority to close doors, etc. Besides, rather than choosing to dedicate efforts into just one high profile sales channel, ambiguity provides both a safety net and secondary sales opportunity (btw, veggies and annuals are particularly happy here). My advertising is fairly nonexistent by design, so I'm perfectly comfortable with grass roots growth and word of mouth referrals determining fate of my product.
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    Seems to be working ok for yours truly... plant in front is the one w "pg"

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    Is this soil available in Europe?

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