Anyone grown Midweek Songs - Girl Scout Cookies ??

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by biddyblossom, Apr 20, 2016.


    biddyblossom Member

    I got one growing. shes a real dark green and about 2' tall. wandering if anyone has finished one and can give some input ?
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    nomofatum Well-Known Member

    I have one going and it's pretty dank looking. Looks like a legit S1 or cross of two GSC cuts. Smells like GSC. I need to get a picture when the lights come on.

    It hasn't has caused me any issues so far.

    It was only fair I got a good one since the other MWS freebies didn't work out. I got a Male from C99 Fem, Male from JungleWreck Reg, and a non-auto from Auto AK 48.
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    biddyblossom Member

    I have a c99 also, hope its female . its fem seed

    nomofatum Well-Known Member

    I'm curious if they are really Fem. Somehow I got a 100% male, so they either had contamination (male pollen), or a mix up/mislabeling of some sort.

    I'm curious to see if others get males too. It was only 1 seed, so not exactly enough to judge anything, just a reason to keep an eye out and sex it/them before hand if you are doing a longer veg.

    GuyLeDuche Well-Known Member

    I have one of these (GSC) in my stash, I hope you guys can post some bud shots when they are done for inspiration? I added it as a freebie on a whim so I'm glad to hear they look good :)
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    Joe Blows Trees

    Joe Blows Trees Well-Known Member

    I'm Sub'd to see how it turns out since I have 3 gsc freebies myself. I got a original skunk from MWS going now. Hope it's female but if not, I'll still keep the male and harvest the pollen. I'll clone it either way.

    nomofatum Well-Known Member

    I have a two week old Original Skunk #1, I'm planning on putting it outside if it's a girl. Otherwise it will just get the axe. I've only done Fem breeding so far, I don't really know how to isolate and select from a group of males, so I just find two beauties and make them scissor after loading one up on testosterone. (herming it with CS)

    nomofatum Well-Known Member


    GSC week 8.

    biddyblossom Member

    Lookin Good !!
    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

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    nomofatum Well-Known Member

    Effect = Strong Indica - Sleepy Bud
    Taste = weird bland version of GSC with a extra hint of anise/myrcene

    It's pretty good, but the taste isn't quite there and the effect isn't very recreational.

    May be worth pheno hunting in these.

    GuyLeDuche Well-Known Member

    Good stuff :) Mine is a few weeks into veg, I'm happy to hear it's Indica effects, sounds like something I want.. I might mom her and grab a few clones..
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    Joe Blows Trees

    Joe Blows Trees Well-Known Member

    I germed one as well and it's a day above ground. Also popped a couple other MWS freebies.
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    GuyLeDuche Well-Known Member

    Here's mine at 4 days from flip with about 5 weeks of veg DSCN4630.JPG DSCN4631.JPG DSCN4633.JPG DSCN4634.JPG , and man what an easy cloner she is lol. Here's a couple fresh cuts that had some decent roots in jiffy pellets around day5-7, and now 5-7 days in the solo cups they are showing pretty nicely :) DSCN4636.JPG (the one in mid-back is older)
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    biddyblossom Member

    she sure clones easy. I took cuttings from my female seeds c99 and mws cookies. the cookies I put in a window in a glass of water. 8 days 3 had sprouts !! the c99 never

    Steelsurgeon Active Member

    A good friend of mine has one that's a few weeks from harvest. She has stayed healthy the whole time. Dark green leaves. One weird thing is how bad she stretched from seed. Huge node spacing. Doesn't look she will yield much but she is super frosty. I would say 40% of the fan leaves have frost on them too. If she wasn't so stretchy she could be a keeper. Doesn't really look like any pics I've seen of cookies stuff tho. Smells spicy hashy
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    GardenGnome83 Well-Known Member

    Looks like mine, but I'm only 2 weeks in. Same leaves.

    Chemdog89 Well-Known Member

    For me midweek songs Girl Scout Cookies were ok. Buds were bigger than I expected. The stone was indica body high. And taste wasn't bad either.
    I really liked there northern lights x chronic that one was my favorite.
    I also got there c99 that was supposed to be fem seeds but turned out to be male.
    Here's a pic of the Girl Scout Cookies.

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    dave chull

    dave chull Well-Known Member

    Haha where the heck you taste myrcene ?to know what that taste like and what have you anise on to taste that? Or are you wolf gang puck? Lol
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    GuyLeDuche Well-Known Member

    I ran that MWS freebie also, it was a fast grower and easy cloner, but not a very frosty pheno so I didn't keep it around too long. Decent middle shelf quality still though IMO..

    The one I really liked was Critical x Cheese Candy, that one loved training for scrog and had tons of tight golf ball nugs that were covered in frost, sadly I lost that one after not taking enough cuts from the start...My cloning game goes from 100% to WTF seemingly at random lol...
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