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    So I'm considering this...,instead of doing the usual thing of cutting the plant into branches, trimming and hanging.. I'm just going to stop watering the plant when I think it's ready and allow it to die and dry out right in the pot .. keeping the light going until it dead then leaving it in the dark until its dry, checking in on it regularly and removing leaves as they drop..
    I'm wondering would this have a benefit
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    I mean essentially killing it is the ultimate goal. I don't think you want it to die though. Think about fruit, is it good when it decides to die or when you decide to eat it? Don't complicate the process just use common logic and decide. At the very worst of the smoke turns out bad... you won't do it again but it's a lot of work to mess something up on purpose.

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    It works ok ... Been doing the " drying in pot " routine for awhile.

    Once the last watering before is done you let go dry. ( completely ) you can wet trim her as it goes ..... I usually leave for a few days in pot ( pot will be light when lifted ) checking branch bending as it goes. Once I feel buds are feeling a little dry , 3-5 days AFTER COMPLETELY DRY depending on environment... I clip buds off.

    I jar to CHECK OVERALL RH IN JAR with a meter after a few hours.
    Then it will show me how close it is ......

    Once I'm below 68% I burp as usual. If not then I leave out on a table for a few hours while do some other shit , then jar them again to check. Works for me. Good for people with no room to hang ....

    Here is a SOLO GROWN HARVEST ( cup comp in another thread )

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Peyote drying in the pot.
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