Anyone ever tried grafting marijuana onto a plant from the Celtis genus?


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I'm not sure this complicated manipulation will give you the result you want. For me, it is better to keep the cbd plant safe. I wish I could grow it too, but I don't have any place in my yard for it. However I think of trying when I move to a bigger house
I like cbd gumies and pills; they call me down after a stressful day and make me feel happy as in childhood. I buy it from the best place to buy sarms online, but it still would be cheaper for me to grow it. I hope I'll find a way to do it soon. I won't even sell it for a reasonable price - I will use all the material, lol. Hope it doesn't mean I'm addicted


It would be an interesting experiment to graft cannabis to a hops root base tho.. hops being deciduous rather than annual perhaps you could establish a larger root base and come up with some impressive plants and flowers.. similar to what you were doing with the watermelon.