Anyone else use FROG and ALL nutrients in the Fox Farm lineup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Ncs0816, May 12, 2018.


    Ncs0816 Active Member

    All Nutrients
    And. Bushdoctor nutrients
    Big Bloom
    Grow Big
    Tiger Bloom
    Kelp me now
    Micro Grow
    Wholly Macheral
    Open Sesame
    Beastie Blooms
    CHA Ching

    Ncs0816 Active Member

    Do I Feed and The water

    Why can' I do small feeding every watering?

    tiltswitch Well-Known Member

    My god! You have a lot of nutes there boy. you won't need half of that. You need to ask a more precise question and give more precise information to get a precise answer. Medium? Do you ph?how old plants. Etc etc
    john wishmyer

    john wishmyer Well-Known Member

    you can just cut the feeding by less than 1/2 the recommended smart guy. also no after my first run with those never again strictly organics soo much easier
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    Ncs0816 Active Member

    Fox Farm is organic smart guy
    john wishmyer

    john wishmyer Well-Known Member

    i cant put a shit ton of laughing emojjs, what are you 4? if if by your standards ff is organic then ill shit in a bag slap a organic label and call it a done deal do some research next time.

    Ncs0816 Active Member

    How is there soil not organic??

    gjs4786 Well-Known Member

    Their soil is organic. Some of their nutes are considered "organic blends" (their words), that have chemical fertilizers mixed in with organic fertilizers. Looks like you really went all out on their lineup. As another poster said, you certainly don't need all that and I wouldn't suggest attempting to incorporate it all into what I assume is your first grow. Big Bloom, grow Big, and Tiger Bloom are what you want to be focused on mainly. Maybe some Cal-Mag. It seems like you purchased their entire line. I'm not too familiar with their entire line up, but before I decided on my fertilizer for MJ, I did plenty of research into FF. I used FF with great results for vegetables, and the three I mentioned are basically all I used. I'm using ocean forest for my current grow actually.

    As someone else mentioned, maybe the same person, it'd be great if you gave us some more info about your setup. Have you germinated your seeds yet? Pictures? Lighting? Age? pH? Temperatures, Humidity? The more information you can give us, the more people will try to help.

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