Anybody medicate for Parkinson's Disease? If so, which strains and why?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Patients' started by gjs4786, Apr 26, 2018.


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    So, I'm looking for a good strain to help my father with his Parkinson's. I'm doing a grow right now of some indica dominant, but because my pops has trouble getting around, I was thinking Blue Dream might be good. it might motivate him to get up and move a little bit. Or Tangie. He has a really hard time walking. He kind of shuffles. It's not because he's in pain, although he does have back problems, but the gait is just a symptom of the Parkinson disease.

    I'm not even sure he'll smoke anything I give him, but I spoke with my mom and she said she thinks he'd be willing to give it a shot. He used to smoke up here and there back in the 70's. I don't want to just buy it from some guy off the street, not knowing anything about it, what kind of chemicals are in it, etc, and give it to him, which is why I'm growing it myself
    Thanks in advance

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