Any soccer fans here?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Cyle Lewis, Jan 16, 2018.

    Cyle Lewis

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    Believe you'll show up
    mr sunshine

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    You mean football?
    Cyle Lewis

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    I mean football

    redivider Well-Known Member

    I'm a soccer fan.

    What do you want to gripe about?

    I'll give you a starting point:

    1) Recision Clauses in the hundreds of millions of euros/dollars. These things meant to keep good players on rosters only serves to undermine up and coming leagues. I do not think recision clauses have made the game better, I do not see they have improved the salaries of players (the money goes to the club and the owners of the 'rights' - FIFA has a system where a portion of a sale of a player during his lifetime trickles to every club he's ever played with, as a way to reward schools for developing high caliber talent that might not pay off til 10-20 years after the player leaves).

    2) Spanish LaLiga - Zinedine Zidane is getting thrown out on his ass if Real Madrid don't make it into the Champions League next year. This is a very real possibility with their most recent performances and they are not even half-way through. HIs decision to only trade AWAY players and not sign any new talent was a huge mistake and his ego doesn't let him admit it.

    3) US National Team - How? How do you not make it to the world cup? The USA team needs to rebuild and it starts with their defense. Contrary to all the detractors I know, I think Bradley is a very good midfielder and a solid captain. I also saw a report the other day saying that the problem with US Soccer is that it is not 'street' enough. The gist was that in the US soccer is a 'rich' guy sport with soccer moms and their 90k SUVs making US Soccer 'soft'. That couldn't be further from the truth. I played competitive soccer in and out of the US growing up and I can 100% tell you - no team on earth(and I played with teams from all over, france, caribbean, argentina, italy, spain) ever said that american teams played 'soft'. It was the contrary, US Teams were always the fittest, the best built athletes(tall and strong), and the most physical. No team in the world puts their body on the line the way US teams do. Including the US national team. It's a matter of balance. You choose the fastest, hardest kicking, tallest, highest jumping dudes to play on the national team, when you need 2-3 guys that can actually make a pass, guys in the back that can actually start plays. The US national team has a good midfield and OK forwards. Their problem is defense - they don't know how to start plays from the back in a way that throws other teams off. It's too predictible, too calculated, no creativity.

    4) US Professional Soccer - What the hell is the deal with the MLS? They keep expanding into cities that already have professional soccer teams. the MLS wants to own the brands, the team logo, approve the facilities and charge franchise fees. This puts a lot of small teams with fans out of contention for ever getting into the MLS. It's infuriating that, given the rise of USL and NASL in the US, both of which have had teams 'graduate' into the MLS, the USSF does not demand a promotion/relegation model for US Soccer. Instead it's a pay to play model that puts smaller cities at significant disadvantage.

    that's it....

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