Any idea on full legalization?

Discussion in 'Arizona Patients' started by vincei, Jul 26, 2018.


    vincei Member

    Anyone in the state aware of any laws on the horizon that might have an effect on the overall legal status in the state? Would be great to see it go full recreational.

    raymont Active Member

    It didnt make it to the ballot. SO it wont be until 2020 that we get another shot. Too many propositions splitting the causes

    LinguaPeel Well-Known Member

    Why don't the idiots of Safer Az get their tongues out of each other's buttholes and work to abolish the 25 mile rule. Az is smoking absolute negative grade unsmokable bullshit because no real grower is allowed space on the dispensary shelf.

    Ask a trimmer why they trim bud.. "To make it look prettier" Ask a bud tender for something with a too shelf aroma: "There no difference between too shelf and bottom shelf smells". Absolute insanity. "oh the flowers is so pretty looking" Does anyone with an mmj card actually smoke the shit?

    No one, absolutely no one other than the monopoly mmj industry has an argument for the ban against growing. And yes it's a monopoly when 130 grow permits are tied in to the retail permits, and a small handful of companies each possess 10% of the available permits.. Which took 500,000 in the bank to even be considered for the "lottery" (that companies like Harvest won a dozen times)

    How in the hell did you people vote to give a dozen unlimited grow rights to the same corporate entity while not allowing patients to grow at all?

    Az seems to like being slaves, scam victims, ass kissing corporate fanboys. Calling the cops on delivery services and shit. Az cardholders would hate weed if it wasn't government approved. Insane. The only reason they want it legal is cuz they go broke buying that useless garbage and can't afford a mmj card every year. They dont care about getting REAL herb on the shelf. They call unflushed synthetic fertilizers "gas". Smh

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