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    Hello, I'm a fairly new grower and was wondering any other ways I could improve my grow. I'm running 6 plants in 7 gal smart pots using soil under a 1000w cmh. They are on a 3x3 tray and I have set up a 5x5 two layer trellis. They are on the first week of flower and the temps stay around 79-82 degrees and 50 humidity at about 2 feet away. Since my location is not the very best, I'm unable to allow any exhaust or intake. I must leave the door open while lights are on and when it is open, I keep my patio door open to allow some fresh air into the place. I keep a fan oscillating and a fan blowing directly only them as well 24/7 . I have a filter to help with smell and air circulation as well. I have a closet I use in the same room as well for veg but I keep a black tarp over it all times to ensure no light leaks during the dark period. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    They're looking pretty damn good to me. Maybe try a little defoliation. I know it increases yields from personal experience.

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    I would get a tent, and get the light bouncing back onto the plants instead of out into the room. When it’s lights out that means 100% dark, sit in the room at dark , let your eyes adjust n look for light.
    Really need to figure out some venting.
    Even if your just passively sucking air out of the tent through a carbon filter and into the room and keep doing what your doing , or build a window box that vents and doesn’t look like anything from outside.

    But over all , they look healthy

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    Thanks for your guys input, I just pruned them about 2 days ago so I'm gonna wait couple days before I defoliate, and as for a tent, I tried but the heat was too. High even with an exhaust fan in there. I'm in there while the lights are off and can not even see the plants at all even though my window barely leaks any light from the panda Film. As for the window, I'm in an apartment complex and wouldn't be the best idea .

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    If you put up a good blind , open the window then build a box and paint the inside black so it looks like a dark room from the outside, hook up a duct n blow it outside, as long as there isn’t a big temp deferential it won’t be noticed.

    If I was in an apartment I’d push out the bathroom vent.

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    I've read up on that and am not really sure how to go about it , my bathroom is next door to the room and I'm not trying to cut any holes. I leave my room door open during lights on so how would I go about venting it to the bathroom vent ?

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    Gonna need to cut a hole,
    Drywall repair is easy just before you move.

    Or move to a new place , or keep doing what ya doin.

    Life is full of options.

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