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    Ziggyman22 Member

    I had some issues with a bunch of autos I purchased through them, but their spectacular customer service offered me 15 free beans of their own brand. Any advice or story’s would be much appreciated! Doesn’t have to be auto strains I’m just looking for success! Thank you so much in advance!
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    Capn-Crunch Well-Known Member

    Would probably depend on whether you're inside, or outside? If you're outside with our short growing season I'd think short flower time and hardiness would be top criteria. Most growers say autos are pretty finicky and to stick with photo period. An IBL strain would also be preferred over some unstable genetic line also. Just my 2 cents worth. Happy growing!
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    Cannabis.Queen Well-Known Member

    I only use seeds man, and I love both the genetics they provide and the genetics they own; though I've had some issues with autos lately from them none have been of their own genetics.

    I can't recommend autos from their line but I can recommend gems if you ever want those

    Ziggyman22 Member

    Yeah sounds good what do recommend?

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