Any cricket Fans here?

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    Try that at the Gabba on a typical hot as fuck QLD summer day. Aus v England back in the 07 CBA series. Mate, I didn't know the meaning of spastic drunk until then... lol :bigjoint:

    BBL is my fav time of year. Cricket every night with heaps of cracking matches. Some of the best cricket I've seen. Pity we can't translate that onto the world T20 stage.
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    Is it because T20 is viewed at fun? While ODI and Tests are considered more serious??

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    Quite possible, at least at first anyway. It's probably partly because our selectors are old buggers who don't know the T20 game too well. We have lots of talent in the BBL but they don't use them for the Aussie T20 squad.

    I love all forms of the game. Being an Aussie who grew up down south of the country, we played football (AFL) in winter and cricket in summer. I think T20 just adds another element to the great game. Less strategy, just get out there and bat/bowl like hell for a couple hours :bigjoint:

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    Yea, T20 is obviously a fun format for the game. Seems like the best way to get kids involved, easy afternoon match with friends, can watch a match after work, etc.

    But the difficulty is the money now which results in players caring less about the longer formats. And personally I'm just not a fan of US-style commercialism in sport: fireworks, cheerleaders, franchise names, advertisements, having to be flashy and exciting all the time...

    At the end of the day, the most important thing about sport is to have fun. So if people are having fun why should I go all Geoffrey Boycott on everyone...:)

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    Cricket -He's my favorite character on "Its Always Sunny In Philidelphia"....

    Oh wait, you mean the sport.
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    I just recently started watching Cricket and I'm hooked.

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    I used to work for a bookie brand before, but I never understand the difference between cricket and baseball. Maybe because I am focused more on football, UFC, and basketball.
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    Crickets are awesome fish bait!
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    I like to watch a test match over the other forms of the game. Trouble is finding time to sit my arse on the couch for 4 or 5 days at a time.
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