Any advice for vaping weed


Hi, I'm in the UK and interested in vaping my home grown weed. Ive no idea where to start. Are there any vapes you recommend? Do I use the weed solid or do I make it in to a liquid. Sory if these are stupid questions.


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I have a solo II dry vape

Works great for flower

Rosin is amazing but you need a press for that, which is about $400, plus a vape pen

Flower vape is a good way to start


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I have 3 Volcanos. it's absolutely the best vape there is.

Storz and Bickle also have a good portable called the Mighty, I have one and can recommend it too.




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I remember these things. Waaaay more expensive than I thot. I was cruising the site and noticed that you cant access the reviews that are less than 5 stars. Seems very weird.