Anxiety, hypertension, THC & CBD

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    So after a lifetime of smugly low blood pressure I suddenly developed high BP together with copious sweating (sexy!) and palpitations. And fatigue, but that was probably due to the 24/7 palpitations.

    3 weeks of blood tests etc later and the doctors don't seem to know what's wrong with me. The BP has stabilised somewhat but it's still a lot higher than it used to be, the sweating has gone away but I'm still overreacting physically to minor stress (e.g. kids screaming, unpleasant emails causing palpitations ffs like I'm the heroine of a Victorian novel).

    Prior to developing high bp, I'd been a nightly bud vaper for 5-6 months (for chronic insomnia linked to PTSD). I'd been tapering for about a week (from 2 vapes to 1) due to dwindling supply, and initially I wondered if that was what had caused the suddenly high bp and sweats (according to google, it's not unheard of, but I'd never experienced any negative effects from tapering or tolerance breaks in the past).

    So my first question: can tapering/ quitting after 6 months of daily vaping cause high bp and extreme anxiety, and if so is it normal for it to still be present after 3 weeks? If so, does this mean that I shouldn't vape unless I have a lifetime supply??!!

    [There was a study carried out by someone called Barbara Yankey alleging that long-term cannabis use leads to 3x the risk of death from high bp, but all other studies seem to point to the opposite, and I'd appreciate all and any input on this subject btw]

    Second question: if the high bp and anxiety is nothing to do with tapering, and everything to do with current stress in my life, my instincts are pointing towards CBD oil during the day and vaping at night (assuming that the CBD oil would cancel the potential anxiety-inducing effects of the THC).

    Has anyone got any experience in treating/ managing extreme anxiety with CBD oil and/or vaping an indica strain?

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    Hi tigr, palpitations = panic attack; I get them once in a while.

    Are you approaching/going through menopause? If not, I wonder what changed in your life. It could all be symptomatic of the PTSD as well. But I wonder if something changed around the time the palps and hbp started.

    I incorporated CBD into my life in December, and I think it's one of the factors that have lowered my anxiety tremendously. I can't remember ever in my adult life feeling as chill all the time as I do now. I bought some CBD slab from CBDistillery and mixed it in with some high THC tinctures I made, and things began changing: it was like a broad, open space opened up in my consciousness that allows me to stay calm instead of immediate reaction to stressors. I don't get defensive, either.

    I have kept a journal including my recipes and the process of titration with the tinctures, which have become my favorite way of taking medicine.

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