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    I've thought long and hard about this. In my experience the most I can truly plan is set and setting. I can try to have my mind in a perfect place to just sit back and absorb the universe and end up having a total blast, not a truly relavent thought all night. Or on the other hand decide to eat a little and go enjoy a show or camp out with friends and end up having a totally spiritual experience. Sometimes I notice months later what a relevant trip I'd been on. Psychedelics have a bit of a sense of humor it seems.
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    That they do :)

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    A bit of everything

    Including long and hard
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    Psychedelics changed my life. I was on 1g a week of test e,700mg tren a, and 50mg/d of anadrol. I went into my trip jacked up about something. As i started to really trip and listen to myself i was like wtf is this talking like such a dick? What a hater.. oh shit it's me. I got off all the anabolics the next day and started pct. I also for some reason was fixated on the stain on my cushion, i kept saying what is it about this cushion?? Well 2 weeks after that trip i went to an endocrinologist and then neurologist and was diagnosed with cushions syndrome. Crazyyyyy shit bros. Everyone who knows me is blown away by the changes.

    Now i only take hmg, hcg, nolvadex and exemastane to boost my naty test from time to time and i feel so much better.

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    That was a big stack. Im not saying to go natural, but shit, no wonder you were an asshole.

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    Hey everybody this thread looks to be a bit old just wanted to know if anybody thinks contaiminated Ecstasy is still going around? Most of the PMA deaths seemed to be localized in Europe and they came from pressed pills with the Rolex and superman logo. The deaths I read about occurred in the UK so I am going to say these pills came from one of the commercial labs in holland I would say avoid pressed pills unless they have been lab tested through a reliable source and stay away from anything that has a superman or rollex logo on it! has anyone on here come across any bad X lately? Where do you think these pills came from? I know the Nintendo crew in holland make all the superman pills did they do this or just some shit head's making knockoff's?

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    At this point the thread is more of a reminder to do your research and get a test kit.
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    I would never take anything without testing it that is just common knowledge was just seeing if anybody on here had any ideas on were these contaminated pills might have come from

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    You, I like : )

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    SWIM = Someone Who Isn't Me
    SWIM went to the mental hospital after taking 4 hits of WoW [blank LSD blotter].
    Apparently each dose is at least 100 micrograms.
    The night started out fine but once the second peak hit, things went horribly wrong...
    He dropped all FOUR doses, at once, around 6 p.m. last night.
    We were all hanging out at My buddies apartment and around 8 p.m...
    like clockwork is where it all happened...

    SWIM's friend and I only took 2 doses each. So We both were flying but not as high as SWIM was.... We were all smoking and watching stoner movies. and SWIM went to the rest room.
    Thought nothing of it except about 20 minutes later, SWIM was still missing.
    Thought and wondered what was taking Him so long... Figured He was taking a long poop...
    About 15 more minutes passed and SWIM was still gone....Around this time,
    My friend and I went up to the restroom to see where and what SWIM was doing...

    We heard gargling and spitting noises. My buddy opened the door and SWIM was throwing up.
    We asked Him if He was fine and He just looked at Us with tears in His eyes, looking helpless.
    I could most definitely read that SWIM was not fine but sensed this was happening for a reason. He kept heaving and moaning until He threw up the last bit He could...
    I asked Him if all He took was LSD and He nodded and said "Yeah , and the pot We smoked."

    After SWIM cleaned Himself up, We gave SWIM some time alone to catch His breathe.
    and went back downstairs to eat some more brownies and get Him some water...
    The moment both Our feet hit the bottom of the stairs;
    instantly We heard crashing and banging like SWIM was throwing Himself around the bathroom.... We ran back up stairs and that is exactly what He was doing.
    Literally throwing Himself into the walls and shelves. Every item in the room was on the floor at this point... SWIM's friend grabs SWIM and tries to hold Him down but that was no use.
    after that... SWIM threw Himself out of the room and flew down the stairs screaming
    We chased after Him down the stairs and He ends up running out the front door to quick for Us to even think or make a choice to stop Him...

    SWIM goes running down the street in pure insanity / panic mode.

    Unfortunately, this happened so fast that both SWIM's friend and I could not stop Him from running out the door.We had no idea how manic He was on acid or not... We figured it was the amount of LSD He was on. ~ He ended up getting arrested because He got naked and someone called the cops on Him and SWIM even ended up punching one of the cops in the face... SWIM said that the cop was not on His team and not actually helping.
    SWIM seemed very threatened and scared that the cops were "trying to help him"

    SWIM was calm when He was first put into hand cuffs but the copS really WERE being a fucking jerks. The whole thing is not fair TO ME, in My eyes... I wish I could have done more...
    but there was no possible way; unless I ended up hurting My buddies friend, myself and / or getting arrested too... I guess I may have not done a good enough job to calm Him down but He was manic to say the least. He even scared Me... God bless His soul.

    I have never seen anyone so scared in My entire life.
    He basically went into a panic attack.
    The whole scenario reminded Me some mental hospital movie.
    Like some mental patient, completely trapped and boxed in.
    All freedoms taken away and looking that moments before He was free...
    I cannot even imagine what that feeling must be like...

    It was like watching a small tinny, tiny part of the holocaust.
    ~~~~~~~ Horrible... Absolutely horrible.

    God bless anyone that decides to take 500+ MICROGRAMS OF LSD
    for 500+ micrograms of LSD at once could potentially ruins someones life.
    and / or make them a homeless person.

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    lol murica

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    i got the feeling smoking weed is what triggered that episode so bad, i definitely wouldn't want to smoke during the peak of high dose of lsd it can cause really bad anxiety
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    I jumped in the river and what did I see?
    Black-eyed angels swam with me
    A moon full of stars and astral cars
    All the things I used to see
    All my lovers were there with me
    All my past and futures
    And we all went to heaven in a little row boat
    There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt
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    Steady bonk!!!!

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    I like his channel

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