Am i over feeding? 8ml/l Canna A+B

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    wtfbrblol New Member

    Hey guys, i have been a reader of this forum since i started growing a few months ago and never registered, so..... HI

    Anyways, i got a problem with my grow. 2 Weeks ago i doubled my nutrients for my 5 stains from 2ml/l to 4ml/l and i somehow did the maths wrong and i have been feeding them DOUBLE at 8ml/l (i must of been high when i worked it out, you guys know how it is lol), I only just noticed today as i have just been repeating my last feeds amounts (i dont own a EC/PPM meter) and as they was showing no signs of problems i never bothered to double check my maths.

    My question is, do i lower my next feed to 4ml/l or should i gradually do it, or do i just carry on with 8ml/l seen as they are showing no signs of problems, im about to go into flower stage in a week or so and im trying to get things right before i flip it.

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    What do the plants look like? I feed based on how they they look not feed schedules. They’re designed to make you use more.
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    wtfbrblol New Member

    They look alright, until i redid the maths i had no idea i was giving them double, they showed no sights of any stress or nutrient problems.

    gumby8787 New Member

    as long as you show no signs of nut burn, you should be good, I cheat and double check with a ppm meter, and never had an issue, I also include my water ppm in my total ppm, so not sure if im short changing myself that way but i have been lucky , gotten great smoke....if you mess up, just correct it, and will be fine, thats my bad advise

    butterchiken Active Member

    So it givin 8ml p litre of each a and b is that Iam understanding? So in 10 litres you are giving a total of 160 ml of nutes?? That is over feeding going by the info chart but if it’s not harming the plants in any way may be fine .... unless you have nutelock happening
    Hard to say may be fine or could be catastrophic.... you will find out but if there fine I’d flush em with a good dose of water , say 2x pot size and then get em back to aroun 3.5-4 ml per litre of each .

    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    What medium are you in?

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    You have pictures?

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