Alcohol Tincture VS Coconut Oil

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by R7Dreams, Oct 26, 2018.


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    Hello I have really bad stomach issues (IBS) and it has been very very painful everyday for me so I am trying to switch from coconut oil to tincture because of the increase in the potency and faster onset of effects verses the oil. I made oil using 20 grams of flowers in 4 cups of coconut oil. Noob mistake as the oil was rather weak and I needed quite a bit to medicate properly, like 6+ droppers full. So I am hoping someone who has made alcohol tincture could advise me on this. I would like to make the maximum that my mighty fast herbal infuser can hold which is 5 cups. I just don't want it to be too weak and need to take like a teaspoon of harsh tasting alcohol tincture.


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