Alaska Medical Marijuana Card Holder with Caregiver space available

Discussion in 'Alaska Patients' started by snipsnip, May 1, 2012.


    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Hell I'm old and flew in here December 9th last year to a buttload of snow. It didn't stop as you know and we broke the record. As old as I am if I can do that anybody can. I might flee during winter if I could ever afford to. Got a buddy in CO who grows and he has a house in AZ. He wants to sell the CO place, move in with me for summer and both of us go to AZ in the winter.

    Hayburner000 Member

    Just received my Ak MMJ card. Would love to find a professional reliable caregiver for long term relationship. Live in Anchorage, willing to travel to obtain quality meds.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Grow your own. Not being smart ass just practical. Fed enforcement here will start sooner or later. The fact no dispensaries were/are here is the only reason that have not come calling.
    E Doh907

    E Doh907 Member

    im in anchorage. I also have room to be a caregiver for 1 non family member. I just make our families meds an myself of coarse. i'm growing TGA genetics. I also have crossed a few strains so I have seeds I would like to donate to card holders in AK. If possible id like feed back on the plants if good or not. i'll start checking back in more often, been busy with work tho

    Hayburner000 Member

    I just received my card. I'd like to talk more with you.

    Hayburner000 Member

    Growing at the present time is out it the question. A caregiver is my only option right now. I'd really like to build a long term relationship.

    snipsnip Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone , our plans have shifted and we plan on leaving state . Hope everyone can find the help they need , I've been busy and have not had time to reply to posts. Growing, nutes, space and time takes money. Sharing that cost between more people lowers the cost for everyone. To call names like a child ...well i wont respond to that. That being said I'm still available for advice if its needed.

    Adrock1923 New Member

    What's up Talkeetna w/ my girlfriend. Need help! Can anyone in the area meet us for a beer to talk? We'll by the beer. We are in town just for 4 days from Boston. Asked the waitress and she looked at us like we had horns, help!

    couchlock907 Active Member

    Hey we could trade cuts i got some purp from bcbd and pineapple express g13 labs
    Soul Sativa

    Soul Sativa Member

    I have a few fem peppermint kush seeds left if someone wants to swap for meds?

    Jdcollins86 Active Member

    Bring back an old thread, but does any know of any doctors in the Fairbanks area?

    elkamino Well-Known Member

    @Jdcollins86 Here's a site that will see patients in Anchorage TOMORROW:

    In the past they've had docs roving AK's cities every few months, dunno if they do that anymore.

    But with legalization, why do you need a med card? I used to be a cardholder and there's no benefits to it anymore, none I'm aware of. So I'd be interested in hearing why.

    Good luck! :joint:
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    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    I think that reciprocity with some other medical states would be the only benefit if you like to medicate while you travel.
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    Jdcollins86 Active Member

    I basically want to cover my ass with work. I hurt myself in 06 and my back and hips are trashed. All the VA does is push pills. I understand that a card dosnt do much any more, but it would be better then nothing right?
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    elkamino Well-Known Member

    You mean better as far as showing your employer you've a real injury, and that a doc has recommended cannabis for it? Are you piss tested?

    I'm sure there are some bosses who would be more compassionate about the employees canna use if they saw that they had a doc's recommendation, but I bet its few. As I understand it mostly the problem is that insurance companies that don't want to insure "stoned" workers against on the job injury, so bosses are afraid of rate increases etc. But I've never worked a job where I was piss tested, that wouldn't work lol.
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