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    Of course, the seeds go in the fruit mix, the case of dix is just to focus attention elsewhere.

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    or you could do what served me wonders... wait for some moron to jam up the X-ray machine with his shoes (not on a container) so everything stopped... the guy manning the xray machine had to get up to fix it then the bags moved through, mine included but he was not back and seated in time to make a judgement of my bags contents :-) fate/luck always helps in these situations ;-P

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    Hey guys,

    I work at a testing facility, we test and verify products put simply ..

    A few years ago we did some testing on a device an electronic device that could essentially sniff drugs .. idk if these are at airports or if the will be but they exist
    greg nr

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    It all depends on the size of the detector and what it will be used for. At one point, some LEO's were using a specially built flashlight that sampled the air and could detect alcohol. Since it's normal for cops to put a flashlight in peoples faces, it was pretty sly for night stops.

    They basically used it as PC to give you a field sobriety test and/or real brethylyzer.

    I think it's use was struck down as being an unwarranted search. Right now, it's illegal for the police to detain you while they call for a drug sniffing dog if they have no pc to search. A lot of people don't know that and stay essentially voluntarily. That's why it's important to ask if you are being detained or if you are free to go. They need cause to detain you beyond a license check.

    So if they had a portable sniffer, they would likely need cause to use it. Just like they would for a dog, but they wouldn't have to detain you to wait for it.

    My guess is it would be more useful at border crossings and container yards.

    But to the OP's question, in us airports at least there is no active search for cannabis. I'm not recommending flying dirty, but lots of people do, especially with vape pens.

    Seeds would almost never be detected unless you had a LOT of them. It's not what the screeners are looking for. Even when my backpack gets hand screened, they wouldn't find seeds if they were there. That isn't what they are looking for. They are looking for weapons, or anything that could be used as one.
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    Where I live it’s perfectly legal to own cannabis seeds can actually buy them in some shops it’s only illegal here when you germinate them
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    Weeeelll, it obviously depends on where you live. If you are in the US, the federal Controlled Substances Act lists cannabis seeds as prohibited, at the same level as flower. It doesn't matter what your state law is, the federal law is still in effect.

    Of course if you are outside the us, it depends on your country.

    Tomzy17 Well-Known Member

    Oh really? I never knew that I live in the UK and it’s ok to own them over here as I believe there classed as collectibles although I don’t know anyone who collects them without growing them haha!

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    Over here in Belgium you can have as many seeds as you want, but can only get 10 at a time mailed to you by a supplier. Douane has been cracking down on CBD imports, as it's technically against a law from 1921, wouldn't surprise me if they were keeping an eye on known seed banks to see how many someone is buying at a time and how often.
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    Put in small plastic bag and tape this to inside of your pants, on a seam. Don't do pockets. Or tape to bottom inside of Advil bottle, or similar, with pills placed back on top.
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    I know old as dirt thread and comment but that small little pocket is not a coin pocket. Its for a pocket watch. Its a bit of history in ya jeans.
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    Also, TSA is not looking for drugs. They've come out and said it. I've now had my bag searched twice, with the TSA note in it saying they have done such, and my buds were not fucked with one bit. I usually pack a half zip in my checked bag, bury it halfway decent, and you're good to go. Whats gonna get you caught is looking like a scared little bitch at the airport and acting all suspicious. Dogs there are for bombs, metal detectors are for metal. Nobody's actively looking for pot, so just dont make it easy for them and you're all good.

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