Air Cooled Vertical Umbrellas Setup

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    Did a set up once I figured I'd post some pics here to share the idea. Guy wanted a 10x6ish area (workable 4x8 table was the goal) are so I did 2 1k vertical umbrellas and used their slots/opening above bulb to air cool using a 8" to 6" ducting reducer around the top of the umbrellas. Then used 6" ducting to run air from outside (this was done in a garage w/ doggie door used for intake) using intake fan through the hood cooling the bulbs, lights always ran at night of course to pull cool night air as well as keep temps easily controlled. Typical 10x6 room set up with carbon filter + fan pulling out as this fresh bulb cooling air came in and it performed amazing (and still does to this day I'm told)

    IMG_1158.jpeg IMG_1157.jpeg

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