Air circulation in my 1.2 x 2.4 tent

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    I've got a 1.2m x 2.4m x 2m tent coming next week with 2 5inch extraction kits.. I've been told that a tent that size needs 2 extraction kits set up..but I wondered if it would be better to have 1 extraction kit to pull hot air out the tent and then the other at the bottom of the tent to pull fresh air from outside into my tent? I'l need to plug it up to a time though to go off when lights go out so it doesn't get too cold..

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    What it needs is one extraction fan of the appropriate size. That depends on where you live, is it hot or cold ect.
    For me an 8" fan was needed for that size tent. Mostly ran on speed 2 of 3 unless super hot in summer.

    If you already have the two 5" fans then run both for extraction, I doubt one will be enough.
    I would always recommend running fans 24/7 otherwise smell will leak out when fan is off, but since you have two I would run one 24/7 to maintain negative pressure and the other one when lights are on.
    Passive intake is fine.
    Run lights off in the day when its warmest. That's what most of us do.

    Who is telling you to buy two 5" kits instead of directing you to a proper sized fan?

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    Cheers for the info mate Its a big help! Well I've got 2 tent kits that both come with a 5" extraction kit each but I'm planning on doing a perpetual grow so one tent for veg an one for flower.. the plants don't really smell that much in veg so I'm going to use them both for flower because I really can't have any smell leaking out
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