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    Lathieza Member

    My PH is 6. And yeah i cleaned the whole reservoir.
    What can i expect when i overcome this problem? Do these affected leaves get back to normal or will they stay like this? Or should i just take them away allthough its a small plant?

    "SICC" Well-Known Member

    They will stay like that, you should be focused on new growth. Try and keep your pH round 5.8, 6 aint too high tho. You should look into gettin some proper nutrients as well.

    Lathieza Member

    I ordered some hydro nutrients the other day so they should be in tomorrow. You think its okay to start the feeding right away again or let them rest for a couple of days? Atm no feeding only some epsom salt

    "SICC" Well-Known Member

    As long as you start at 1/4th strength and work your way up you should be good.

    Lathieza Member

    [QUOTE="SICC";5464202]As long as you start at 1/4th strength and work your way up you should be good.[/QUOTE]

    Thank you so much mate!! All leafs are looking fine now. Is it okay to trim the damaged leafs?

    Btw i saw some of your journals last couple of days.... very impressive! Wish i had only 50 percent of your knowhow :) Anyway... i'm getting there.

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    "SICC" Well-Known Member

    She's lookin alot better Lath, on the road to recovery :D

    I would leave the damaged leaf's, you can cut them later on, i would just let her relax for now.

    Shadow15x Member

    if separate plants roots tangle together will it affect the plants health?

    thanks guys!

    "SICC" Well-Known Member

    No, they should be fine. When i was doin the AG, i had to cut a male out so i just cut the stem at the lowest point possible, and covered up the grow hole. My females grew after that with no problem.

    Shadow15x Member

    swoot! thanks :P first aerogrow haha

    bubbels Member

    is watering 24/7 in aero ok or is it to much?

    heard someone run it for 2min on and five off but have never seen a timer who coud go on and off that many times if you do that for 24 houers.!

    "SICC" Well-Known Member

    You should have the air stone one 24/7

    bubbels Member

    [QUOTE="SICC";5682957]You should have the air stone one 24/7[/QUOTE]

    air stone and the sprinklers 24/7?

    matatan Well-Known Member

    yessir. i use my aerogarden to start seedlings and i keep airpump and sprinklers on 24/7.
    but, every week or so i turn off the drip for a day or 2 and spray phed water on leaves just to switch it up a bit. im a rook on my second grow but it has worked nice for me:blsmoke:

    mingyulee Member

    Anyone know how I have to set up the CFL lights (pictures would be appreciated)? Do you have to add them with the stock lights that the AG comes with or do you replace the AG lights itself. I'm a first time grower and I just want to get things right and not really screw up completely.

    Thanks in advance!

    ExoticKush Member

    I am very new to gardening and have 0 growing experience. The Aerogarden got my attention bc it seems very easy to use. I have been researching growing techniques for about a week on the internet and YouTube. I think I have a pretty good grasp on how to grow a good harvest. But I'm also smart enough to know that there are plenty of experienced growers who can help me along with my grow and id love to benefit from their experience and knowledge. I am currently waiting on my Aerogarden to arrive. It should be here by Tuesday and I will be posting every step of the process even me opening the box lol I purchased the Aerogarden Extra Elite. I have already purchased the other components I researched that would be needed-Aquarium Air Pump (14.99 Petco)-Air Stone (4.99 Petco)-8 inch Clear Air Tubing (3.99 Petco)-Pond Test Kit (16.99 Petco)-Dehumidifier (39.98 Home Depot )-Round Back Uplights (11.97 Home Depot)-EcoSmart27-Watt (100W) Full Spectrum Craft CFL Light Bulb (8.97 Home Depot)-Fox Farm Tiger Bloom 32 Oz ( 18.95 Hydroponics Store)
    • -Fox Farm Big Bloom 32 Oz (16.95 Hydroponics Store)-Fox Farm Grow Big 32 Oz (18.95 Hydroponics Store)- 25 ft Mylar Reflective Film (36.75 Hydroponics Store)-Measuring Cup (3.99 Hydroponics Store)-Thermometer (9.24 Walmart)-Small Desk Fan (5.00 Craigslist)-Room Fan (10.00 Craigslist)-Deer Park Bottled Water (5.00 7/11)-I listed the items and prices and where I purchased them to help others who would like to know where to purchase these items this by no means a Bible on where and how to shop...I know I over paid on certain items but my biggest concern is quality. And I also don't plan on having the greatest harvest ever but I wanted to get the highest end items for the budget I have.-My 1st grow will be with some Grand Daddy Purple Clones. My Grow Room is basically my closet. I converted 1 of my dresser drawers into a small grow box and lined it with the Mylar bc I wanted more control over the temperature and lighting. The temperature stays consistently around 75 but when I turn the lights on it goes up to 81 I'm worried when I put the Aerogarden in the box the temp will be too high-I'm using Bottled Spring Water for the entire grow bc I don't trust our tap water....I even boiled the bottled water to purify it even more lol (I know that's a but much but *shrug*) I believe the only items I am missing are PH Rising Formula and PH Decreasing Formula and I also want a Digital PH Meter because I don't like the strips but the one at the hydroponics store was too pricey. I will also be posting pics of everything bc I'm more of a picture person.Any and all useful advice would be greatly appreciated

    rickyjulianbubbles Member

    Hey i didnt see anything about how many plants people put in there aero. i got easyrider(akxlowrider#2) and jock horror both auto fems. i was origanaly gona do two in an aerogarden with hella extra light but now im thinging on either side then on right up front. Water, nutes(novagrow), light, and fresh air are in well supply. IM kinda worried about them fighting over nutes(not light, or h20 as i will fill as much as needed). If it werent an auto i would probly only do one in an aero but im not expecting them to get huge, thou the claims of the easyrider yielding high are out there. what do you guys think

    rickyjulianbubbles Member

    exotic kush you do not need the expensive meter the up down ph furmola is sold with a testing solution that is very accurate and easy to use. Also i use gallon jugs of polland spring and after nute mix ph is still perfect.

    MlowryderF Member

    Hey guys I'm pretty new here, and I'm attempting a new grow project with the aerogarden extra, with some supplemental LED lighting... right now I have two big bug #2's going and I was wondering about your guys input on how they are looking and more specifically if its too early to tell there sex...? What are your guys opinions...? thanks for any help! DSCN0344.jpg DSCN0345.jpg

    yukon Member

    Lookin' good. I hope mine look that good in a couple weeks. Can't tell sex yet, at least not from here. Have you started 12/12 already?

    Owais Member

    When should i started using the nutrients? i killed 2 plants after 9 days of growth i dont know what went wrong with them, they were only on water and light

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