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    Dumme Well-Known Member are worth a thousand words, and if you don't have them posted, it never happened.

    Again, inexperience and communication is the problem here. If you can pull more than 1000 grams off it, do it, but you seriously need a reality check on the way you post here. Until you work my garden, I'll be damned if you tell me I'm doing something wrong! I'm not afraid to yell as the elephant in the room. If you can't say something nice, don't open your mouth.

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    Ya these buds are Definitely not quality. Got me there didnt you.
    Dude i have grown nearly 100 different strains, over 50 at one time. You want to pull up a pic of mine with a weak ass liberty haze that couldnt handle the heat. Pardon me if i let one plant suffer over 50 others. That strain sux anyway.
    Im glad your so proud of your yr long veg time. In that time i already pulled 4 crops. And why the fuck would u be feeding ur plants the same nutrient if they are all on different stages, just curious. And i wasnt talking bout you i was talking about the idiot who told someone to expect about a pound off either a 600 or 1000 watt light over a 36 site aeroflo. Thats a 400 watt difference in light and you said to expect a pound with either one. THAT IS SUCH BULLSHIT AND A VAGUE ANSWER. 1to 3 pounds would have been a better answer. But your a hydro store owner u cant be that far off. Your answer was

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    Dumme Well-Known Member

    Yes, Ive seen these pictures. Its 2016, so why are you posting pics that are from your posts back in 2012. Dont you have anything recent? Some of your actual grow maybe, and not just your old, downloaded trophy pics?

    As I said, pics or it never happened, because what I've read of all your threads and posts, it doesn't look like you have.

    Ok, since you won't do the math yourself, June 15th I built the system. AGAIN, ITS AQUAPONICS. It takes about 6 months to cycle before anything can be grown. I've have 2 grows, thats 9 weeks each. 18 weeks total. July 15th to July 20th-ish, it was just water, as I waited for fish to be shipped. You clearly don't understand how Aquaponics works. The first plants when into flower on Oct 1st. They were small and malnourished, but I threw them in anyways, knowing the system wasn't ready, because it was just a test to see if I could do it. Again, l'll say Aquaponics, "for those whom it still isn't sinking in". It's nothing like hydroponics. Dec 2nd was mid harvest, and new plants went in on a weekly schedule, from then on. The first will be ready Feb 3rd-ish. So, what the hell are you taking about?! You telling me plants flower faster in your tent? 4 crops = what are they, magic seeds?

    Again, with you not having any experience, I can see how you would be confused... IT'S AQUAPONICS! I don't use those crap pre-mix chemicals you force feed your plants with.... BECAUSE IT'S AQUAPONICS. I cant be any more cLear here....A Q U A P O N I C S.
    Jesus, I feel like a broken record. Everything is different from "pH" to "EC". I Clone, Veg and Flower in the same system, with no water changes. I hope this clears at lease the fact that it's different from hydro, for you. What you think you know about hydro, doesn't apply to aquaponics, so stop comparing. It makes you look bad.

    I agree, very vague, but not bullshit. First time using the Crap Aeroflo36...

    I always answer 1lb on yield questions, as do most of RIU users. It could be a male and Id say 1lb.
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    MJ Farmers Daughter

    MJ Farmers Daughter New Member

    This is my first post and im not sure what the procedure is. We grow a LOT of weed. And we've always used the aeroponic method. I see a lot of people complaining about not having enough pressure or losing pressure as they add nozzles.

    I also see quite a few references to junk nozzles and fittings. You will lose pressure every time you ad a fitting, so part of the trick is keeping the system streamlined to eliminate as many corners and turns as possible.

    You will also lose pressure if your tubing or supply lines are too small. We like using 1/2" schedule 40 PVC. We can run 100 nozzles on a single pump with no noticeable drop in pressure. I will try to post some pics later. But the best option is PVC and misting nozzles (the red plastic nozzle) from Cloudtops Misting or Ecologic Technologies. NASA uses the same nozzle and thats how we learned about them (my dad worked for NASA on some ag programs many years ago).

    OneHitDone Well-Known Member

    What kind of pump are you using to pressurize those bad boys up and at what psi?

    TeamSuperman Member

    This may have been answered somewhere but I didn't see it.. how cold can I keep my reservoir? The FAQ says to keep it below 74, due to algae and bacteria that will grow once the temps exceed 74.. but am I okay keeping my nutrients at 50 degrees or is that too cold? Is there some kind of temperature chart for roots?

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