Aerogarden Bounty - maximum number of seeds to plant

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    I am about to start my first aerogarden grow using the aerogarden bounty ( 9 pods) and was trying to decide how many seeds to plant. I wanted to plant 3 seeds.
    Could anyone please advise ?
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    What kind of plants do you want to grow? It certainly can grow lettuce.............

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    Hi KeepRolling
    Just purchased a AG Bounty too - should be here in a couple of days. I’ve done absolutely loads of reading about AG’s, I got the Harvest model first, even before that machine arrived I realised that it was going to be too small - I’ve stuck it on Flea bay. Ordered 3 seeds from RQS Royal Queen Seeds, they’re auto flowering Royal Dwarf variety. I’ve bought PH & TDS pens, Flora notes series, ph up & down, pump & air stone, also got one of the Mylar light boosters on the way too, a fan & 24hr timer.

    This’ll be my first ever grow. I think I’ll start off with 1 possibly 2 - from reading other AG growers the roots are going to need so much space. How did you get on with your grow in the end? You posted your question well over a year ago. If anyone can offer any tips that may be useful to me as a first timer then I’d be really happy to hear them.

    Loving the site - great job RIU

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    Hi KeepRolling420

    Have you started your AG grow yet?

    I started mine last week. I’m afraid to say it’s ALL going wrong, my poor seedling looks as if it’s on it’s last legs. Can’t quite understand what I could’ve done to fail so badly at this early stage. I followed a nutrient schedule from a site, posted by a guy who has had amazing success using the AG Bounty.

    Today, I decided that there’s no way I’m giving up. I completely emptied & cleaned the AG, then set about mixing up a brand new solution, only this time using just 1ml of each of the Flora series nutrients & 3ml of the Calmag. Checked & rechecked the PH, it’s at 6.0 now. New solution has gone into the AG. Really hoping my little NL auto will not die - although you’ll see from the photo, she’s all but given up. As a back up, I’ve started a brand new seed in the AG ( another NL auto ) was only planning to grow one plant at a time but seen as my first attempt is looking so bad I decided to pop another one in.

    How is your grow going?

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