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    I had some bud rot so got some actinovate as well as a dehumidifier. (used it once but decided this strain is to weak for me and havent needed it again. dehui helps a bunch.) I noticed on the package it kills fusarium and botrysys and pythium. So I kept the package around.

    I clone in DWC. I usually put a little Great White in the rez and havent had any damping off problems in a long time. I now proved in my own mind that shit rocks as a preventative against swamp ass.

    Well I ran out of Great White and well me thinks.. I got that Actinovate....
    I dont chill the rez and it stays around 72-77. a touch high I know but I keep things clean.
    Added about 1.5 tsp Actinovate to 25 gallons. 2 days later every stem has a huge clear snot glob on the tip. I had a couple secondary DWC cloners that are in 3gal buckets.

    I was going to give actinovate the benefit of the doubt and say the 25 gallon rez really needed to be flushed and cleaned but I was being lazy. so maybe it had a touch of swamp already. But the 2 3gallon buckets were fresh fills with sterile stones and bucket and RO.
    They are all slimed as well.

    full disclosure the clones hadnt keeled over and the stems arent squishy.

    but fuck it I killed all those bitches off and physan/bleached everything. I dont like slime in my shit.

    then I threw that actinovate shit in the trash. Maybe it works as a foliar for bud rot and maybe it works on golf courses but the shit is a slime master in hydro.

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    What was the question again?

    zem Well-Known Member

    LMAO :lol:

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    shits not meant for hydro lol.

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