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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    I don't know any doctor that would make people pay for a script. Unless the doctor feels they are hiding something and KNOW they'll pay. I'm sure there are jerk GP's who go that way as well.. They are human after all..No one says they cant be idiots. See an opp and cash in on it.
    Id take My GP to court and sue his ass if he had anything else to say about it!..PPPHHHTTT
    I got cancer.GP made a script..
    End of story
    Who gives a rats ass about HC lol
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    vennge Active Member

    Gb123 I only mentioned HC cause as for the reason I had to pay. As for me being out of province the doctor or nurses practitioner does not get paid so that is part of the fee I paid. I don’t like it but I also don’t expect anything for free either. Some are also fortunate enough to be in an area where doctors are more liberal with their prescriptions. But also some with more serious conditions may also present an easier case for a doctor to prescribe. My condition is not of such but this route allows me to no longer have to take 3 pills daily.
    Glad you have a doctor that listens and works with ya. Some of us are still searching.


    gb123 Well-Known Member

    I hear ya
    ... tell the one you're working with now find you someone who can work with you and not charge you a fee to have a non harmful medication that you seem to need.
    If using MMJ helps you not take Pharma shit that can cause you nasty unwanted side effects? Have at them with that fact and make them work for you!.
    My area has nothing to do with it..
    I had to work with my GP to convince his sorry ass. Made a video of Basal Cell disappearing of my face..before he signed for colon cancer....
    was enough for him..

    thccbdhealth Well-Known Member

    If you have sent your REGESTRATION in, your good to go,start your plants....
    your medical conditions are not dictated by their processing times in a system they created.
    you already have your recomendadation for medicinal use; you dont even need a gpd count, once again that is Health Canada's squed interpretation.

    Just keep a photo copy on hand should any law enforcement be able to get a search warrant threw the court system, unlikely.
    but with that photot copy in hand, if they take your plants,you have the right to charge the police force.
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    x 1000 and even before

    seeing as its gonna be legal ?
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    vennge Active Member

    Do they not have to approve the application and such first? Is that not part of this process. The doc says yes you can have this much. But you have to purchase thru LP. Then we fill out app to grow showing we have a prescription and send off to HC. But they can still deny us growing but not purchasing from the LP’s if I follow it as per website.

    So I would say it’s not ok to start growing till you have said license from them. Even though they backdate the damn License from the doctors date. I just don’t want to be the one they make an example out of. ;-/

    I should call in ask the receptionist what the policy is regarding that. Just to see if they have some sort of canned reply. Who knows they may say go ahead.

    *** I just re read at HC: ‘there are no grounds for refusal’

    But if you have previous drug convictions then a different story...

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    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    Ya, technically speaking HC says you are not authorized to grow untill you've received your ACMPR authorization. HOWEVER, I doubt there would be a judge in this country that would convict a sick person for growing once their doctor signs the paperwork.

    I mean the system is fucked, HC uses the day the doctor signed your paperwork as day 1 of your year long prescription, yet takes 6 months to process your application and says you can't start growing untill you receive your paperwork in the mail....somethings broken, how does nobody see the issue?
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    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    Only if you want to be a DG. And it only applies if its a drug related offence in the last 10 years. Otherwise, you can grow for yourself.

    Also the only hand HC has is in registering patients. They no longer get to approve people. Once a doctor signs, thats your approval under the current program
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    so concerned about the law..:-?:confused::idea: and not about your rights a s a sick person in Cannada who has the right to take grow and use MMJ anyway they wish with a script from their doctor..
    HC reg is a process cancer people will not wait for or should they have to
    any court will tell you that as well..
    sounds more like you have ulterior motives.

    cheers what ever your motives are ears?!?!

    no one cares about folks helping themselves..cops included!
    don't sell it to kids!
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    vennge Active Member

    Gb123 not sure how to take your post as I find many of your posts semi educational, thank you.

    But I am here to learn and extract information to grow better. At the same time I like to get into some other discussion and maybe offer some input.
    But your last comment to me comes off as a troll. I have no alterior motives for growing, not a dealer so Piss off and don’t make comments on people you know nothing about.

    It’s bad enuff we have to watch out for big brother one does not need stones thrown from a fellow grower.
    My grow will be legal so I do not have to deal with the law or unjust comments from the minions around that make generalization without all the facts. Guilty until proven innocent.

    Yes I am concerned with the law. It’s called being smart. As per previous posts I explained my med situation how it is not same as yours. And you point at me again.

    If I have taken your post out of context I will apologize now. I have been a member of the site for a long time as well and until recently have decided to start posting. Maybe best if i post elsewhere or not at all. Was sure we are all on the same side here but maybe we are not. Pretty easy to make uniformed statements like my last one. Yes sarcasm.

    Either way enjoy your New Year as there is no ill will from here here.


    gb123 Well-Known Member

    being smart wont matter much if youre dead..
    you go on about things you say are a concern to you. Being legal. I explained how that is here in cannada..and you take offence by that.
    People who are very sick and who need this medication do not worry about unimportant details... they are doin it to stay healthy...nothing more ...............NO CONCERN!!!
    no one is going to toss your butt in jail for saving your life. staying healthy with your docs approval..
    Other than that... ITS MMJ in cannada right now!!!!!! nothing more
    Until its something else.. really........ who gives a rats ass about what people have to say about growing or using this plant anyone that is sick in Cannada has the RIGHT!

    my take on it is all
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    cannadan Well-Known Member

    ACMPR - wait times
    in a nut shell.....are basically ...completely insane...
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    they're just trying to slow down their fuck ups all the way down the line and BOY are they ever piling up. :lol: .
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    "I should call in ask the receptionist what the policy is regarding that."

    >> just go ahead and do that now..and get back to us is inexpensive
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    id be willing to hear a good story..
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    Rusher Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you're mistaking the word 'Registration' for 'Application'.

    If your doctor agrees and you send in your ACMPR paperwork, you are 'Registering', not 'Applying'. Huge difference, in my opinion. You and your doctor have already made the decision, you're simply informing HC (for some fkn reason) of your plan.

    That's how I read it, anyway.


    gb123 Well-Known Member

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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Gb was all over the last acmpr thread jabbering on the same shit over and over about fuckit just grow.. I waited. And if I were to do it again the first time I'd wait again for peace of mind. I don't have cancer like gb123 and figure maybe they wouldn't have as much sympathy on me. To each their own.

    That's why I decided to ignore gb123 if you click his name there's a button that says ignore. Anyway if it happened that a script ran out... yes . I agree just keep growing don't cut the plants. You've already been approved before and it's just technical paperwork like change of doctor or address or daily gram limit ya know. That's reasonable. Anyway whatever let's you rest easy is what you will do in the end. Good luck and happy growing.

    Me and the gf sent in May 3

    I got mine Sept 30
    She got hers Oct 14

    Sent them in together in the same envelope. Lol

    It takes forever but if it's a no change renewal. its 2 weeks. If your late or close to your date.

    If you try for a no change renewal early they'll put it on the back burner but won't let it expire
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    cannadan Well-Known Member

    work within your own comfort level...has always been the message...
    and there are all sorts of reasons for waiting or just going on ahead and doing what needs done.
    gb knows the score exactly....and his advice is solid.
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    and you waited why again?:clap:bongsmilie:roll::hug::idea::joint::weed::bigjoint:
    next time..take me out of your equation
    if ya cant stand the heat. GET OUT OF THE GROW ROOM!(:
    Your rights in CANNADA as they stand now are that any sick person has the right to grow...
    soon even REC will be able to grow..and any amount after they fight the fact that I can grow 150 at home but my neighbor who wants to relax after work who need more to relax..3500 mg a night.... CANT?!?! that aint right at all and will change SOON come.! ;)

    YOu wont get many.
    but the fact remains..its legal if you are sick and have a script. and no one will say otherwise if yer not selling to kids.!
    put me back on ignore please...:blsmoke:

    ps cant wait to hear the argument about 3500 mgs a night to relax lol..YERP thats a commercial bags worth an evening ;)
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