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    All lines of bottled nute's work differently, my advice would be to follow the manufacturer's advice, they test the product

    Ditch the bottles next grow and ditch the idea of supersoil, unless you're using a broader sense of the term. If you're gonna build your own soil, which IMHO, is the best way to go, then follow the recipe on page 1 of the ROLS thread, I Wish I'd found that before supersoil.

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    Hey guys,had a couple questions for you all.first leafhoppers ,theyre on to me.ive got some frass on the way but have never used it.whats the best application? bubbling it?how long?or should I just top dress?I've only got 2 lbs on the way so top dressing would not be my first choice.i also ordered up some bokashi.im completely clueless on that one.any info would be great.also I've spotted a very minor powdery mildew on one of my plants.ive hit it with some garlic spray(pm remover)but we've had rain,so hard to keep it on.any tips on that?any info would be great.hoping you're all having a good grow.

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    Leaf hoppers use Captain Jacks Dead BUG brew, for PM use Actinovate and check to see that it is not expired and to wash of PM use The Amazing Doctor Zymes it will kill bugs to.

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    Kidbruv Well-Known Member

    I had a brilliant (?) idea tonight while prepping my latest brew. Rather than just weighting down the hose and bubbler with a rock like usual, I just grabbed a zip tie and attached the hose to the bag containing the worm castings.

    Voila! No chance of floating.

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    I used Horsehair tea last nite on a the only plant that has pm in my gh knocked it down quite well
    no sign of it today

    natureboygrower Well-Known Member

    No shit?how abouts did you make it and where do I source product? love the idea

    Fastslappy Well-Known Member

    amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000UY86BQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    brewed just like my morning tea I used full strenght on DJ Shorts Azue Haze no issues
    in the morning i Used a gallon pot & 2 #4 coffee filters full of this stapled over the folded edges then threw both
    into boiling water for awhile 10 mins / seeped all day , sprayed at 4pm so she could dry off Very Important !
    the residue outta coffee filters went into worm farm

    Fastslappy Well-Known Member

    reporting back 2 days of spraying horsehair tea has Azue Haze PM free

    backtracker Well-Known Member

    You had me going WTF horsehair? phew! it's horsetail herb, good stuff is said to increase essential oils terpins and trichromes. :)
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    Fastslappy Well-Known Member

    ? I pooched the pup on the name , smoke smoke another :)
    `Organic Horsetail Herb (Shavegrass)
    works great , nice smell

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    Hey everyone,

    Hope this doesnt come off as stupid, or paranoid, but isnt there any concern over E. Coli or any other sicknesses associated with fecal mater when making compost teas? I've been reading up and im making a list to start my first brew in the near future, and im just trying to cover all my bases. Id hate to buy a bag of compost, do something wrong, then get (possibly fatally) sick.

    Would mushroom compost be safer than manure? Is this a non-issue? Im probably overthinking things :dunce: I just dont want to get anyone sick.

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    Hey man,welcome the tea world!I'm new to it too (2nd outdoor grow just using teas this season).nah,no problems with e.coli as long as youve got air pumping through.the old idea of just letting a bag of compost (or manure)just hang out and ferment in water with no air is when you can run into trouble.also,I use a mix of earthworm castings and compost.the pic is of my early grape plant in roughly 35gallons of soil.this plant is 6' and damn near as wide.no store bought bottled nutes for this gal,this has all been due to a soil I made up this spring and using my own teas every week.I've kept my teas very basic,worm castings and Blackstrap molasses during veg,and now that I'm in flower,I've been adding some powdered bat guano.I also plan on reusing that soil as I've got some cake put into this grow and as long as my "herd"is healthy the soil should get better over time.
    Hope this helps,I'm sure some more experienced guys can point some other stuff out as well.good luck brother!

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    Rentaldog Well-Known Member

    Plant looks beautiful nature, thanks for the post.

    Yea, Im sure im just worrying for nothing. Most of the "research" I found online about e coli from teas were just stories heard through the grapevine, or people trying to sell me a product. Once I get things set up ill let yall know how I do, will probably just run a 5 gallon pot once a week at the start and go from there.
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    Can u feed a tea without aerating it? Just curious, I have high p bat guana, blackstrap molasses, fish emulsion and seaweed fertilizer to work wit. Also I've been top dressing with a half cup of the guano every few weeks so not sure if I should put it in my tea. I was wondering if I mixed it up s few times a day and left it outside in the heat if it would work or should I just pick up a pump and Airstone?

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    Well thanks for the post! I'm an old nute user and have been reducing those nutes to reduce the bad taste in my herb over the years but believe I'm on the wrong path. My new grow has just started and I experimented with this mix for my seedlings.

    dirrtyd said:
    Looking for different teas and application rates for Outdoors. I will start with some teas that I have found while reading.
    Guano Tea and Kelp:

    Seedlings less than 1 month old nute tea mix-
    5 tbs. Black Strap Molasses
    1-cup earthworm castings/5 gallons of water every 3rd watering

    I figured I'd try the simplest blend first. I bubbled it in a DWC pot with about 3 gallons of RO and declorinated water. A cup of castings and about 2 tbl. spoons of molasses for about 48 hours @ room temp 80-90f (damn hot summer). I watered half of my seedlings with it and it really works nicely. The plants were sitting straight up and taking in nourishment. It made a big difference so thanks for your post. I'll be studying on what to add for veg and flower. I do have some Bat Quano (the high p stuff) that I plan for flowering but I've got to read up a bit so I don't kill any plants. Are there any mixes that can kill them? Sorry, but I'm really new at this. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey moldy,I'm not an expert but hate asking questions thst don't get answered so I'll give it a shot.my advice would be to keep your tea simple.molasses (I use a tablespoon per 5gallons)and your castings or compost.that's all I used during my veg.I made my own soil the past spring so I figured introducing a "herd" would be all I would need.I also grew in 45 gallon bags too,plenty of compost so my plants never turned yellow until I started adding my bat guano (next year I want to work on this).you could also add a little fish juice or seaweed to your mix as well.I made 10 gallons weekly and stopped last week since my plants are almost done.I plan on using this same soil next year.hope this helps brother.

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply! I'm a little late on the switch from chemicals but better late... yada, yada. I'll keep it simple in beginning. I have some bat guano I'll use at flowering but I should read and learn more before I do that. Thanks again, take care.
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    Been lurking around, reading through the first post of the OP and now I have finally read through this entire thread (took me 2+ days, lol).

    I'll share what I have been doing:

    So before reading up on all this I had purchased a line of BioBizz products for my first grow (liquid ferts). I also have Stump Tea Myco and Stump Tea Veg Boost (10-0-0). I mixed up a custom made soil blend for transplant that consists of the following:

    (54L in total)
    30% Perlite
    5.5% Vermiculite
    30% SunGro Sunshine® Mix #6 (Canadian Sphagnum, dolomitic lime, long-lasting wetting agent & Si)
    16.6% Vermicompost
    2.7% Biochar (inoculated)
    >0.5% Calcium (oyster and egg shells)

    Before mixing everything up I prepared an AACT with the following:

    8L double filtered water
    1L EWC (homemade)
    8mL kelp solution (BioBizz - Alg*A*Mic)
    4oz organic brown sugar
    2L Biochar
    2tsp Roots Organic Uprising Grow

    I brewed this for 24h, at the end of which I added some of the Stump Tea Myco and then removed the solids and biochar and added to my soil mix, mixed everything up and put into smart pots, then I thoroughly drenched the soil with the AACT and gave the rest to my other plants too. This sat for several weeks before I transplanted.

    Beyond using the BioBizz and Stump Tea stuff, I've prepared a LAB culture and been using some Aloe and coconut. I'm now about to go into my second week of flowering and I had prepared a topdressing of 4L EWC, 6tbsp bone meal, 5tbsp powdered oyster shells, 3tbsp Epsom salt, and 4tsp Roots Organic Uprising Grow. My soils aren't fully amended as I have been learning as I go, wish I knew what I know now before I started, oh well.

    In terms of teas, I just prepared one the other day consisting of 3.7L dechlorinated tap water (1gal), 1tbsp liquid kelp, 1/3tsp Stump Tea Veg boost, 2tsp Stump Tea Myco, 1tsp molasses and a small amount of silica powder. I added all the ingredients and stirred and aerated for 30m, then added 160mL of coconut water right before application. All plants entered into praying position but I did see the 'claw' on the mid leaves. I think the Veg Boost stuff is too strong and there's enough N in my soil for now. I didn't actively aerate/brew for very long because I'm not sure that mycos will really reproduce, and since Stump Tea also contains bacterial strains, didn't want the mycos to serve as bacteria food.

    I'm currently preparing an AACT that is much simpler with the following:

    6L dechlorinated tap H2O
    300mL EWC
    1tbsp LAB
    2tsp liquid kelp (Alg*A*Mic)
    2tbsp molasses
    Beet juice from 1 fresh organic beet
    120mL horsetail tea

    I guess I should let this one go more like 36-48h on account of the kelp. I'm using a smaller air pump with air stones. It says 2.5x2L/min, whatever that means, lol.
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    Is there somebody who tried nkf (natural korean farming)???
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