A Tale of two Thais and G13

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    Thus it begins.

    I don't smoke, and yet I grow. Go figure. For me it's all about the toys, the process, and the challenge. Growing makes me happy. All of the meds that I grow are for my brother that has both Lupus and Polycythemia Vera. Poor fucker. [​IMG]

    Was going to do a grow of a proprietary Hawaiian strain called "The Mutt" but the damned things wouldn't germinate even though I gave them perfect weather, played the ukulele, and sang Don Ho songs to them while wearing a grass skirt. I still have a bunch of WW and Gold Leaf beans but that just brought back bad memories. I considered dropping all Cinex beans so I could better compare the cobs to the strips but in the end a mixed variety of beans won the toss.

    So we have Mama Thai x Thai Stik, Mama Thai x Pineapple Chunk, and G13. The Thais are already above ground but the G13s are lagging behind. It should be interesting to make them all happy in one RDWC system. If push comes to shove the Thai will get what they need and the indica can suck hind tit. Once they are out of the nursery I'll drop them in the RDWC with a top drip system until the roots clear the net baskets.

    I have an eight bucket system but will only be growing six plants because of the laws here and because I'm sure my sweet, loving daughter is reading this journal and is waiting with her finger over the phone with the cops on speed dial. Good luck, daughter, it's a legal grow.

    The design of this RDWC is such that it keeps the level in the grow buckets at a uniform level regardless the level in the reservoir, and won't drain back to the res if the power goes out. Each bucket has an airstone, as does the reservoir. The level can be adjusted by pivoting the level/drain assembly and includes an anti-siphon feature. The drain lines are 1.5" and the feed trunk to the buckets is 1". The larger 1" feed trunk helps to equalize pressure from the first set of buckets to the last.

    I'll apologize in advance for all of the system photos and will endeavor in the future to keep it green. :leaf:

    IMG_3174.JPG IMG_3180.JPG IMG_3182.JPG IMG_3181.jpg

    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    Looks nice and clean. Good luck!
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    Rider509 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Kerovan! It'll be nice to grow in there without a 600W MH/HPS in one half. I'm hoping to not need the AC unit this time, but on the other hand I'm wondering if temps will stay high enough to run CO2 again. This'll be my first all LED grow.

    Rider509 Well-Known Member

    When they're just a few days old it's hard to remember that it won't be long before they're ready for the big tent.
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    IN. Been waitin for this bro, good luck
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    Day 10. The two on the left are Mama Thai x Thai Stik. On the right is Mama Thai x Pineapple Chunk. The G13 is still not germinating! Gaaahhhhh! I hate it when nature doesn't bend to my will. I've got something that looks interesting from Dave at Golden Coast Genetics that I'm considering dropping soon. It's a BOEL Skunk x JohnnyD Cambodian Thai. I'll give the G13 the benefit of the doubt for a few more days.

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    IMG_3331.JPG This Space Available for Immediate Occupancy.
    I've got other tote tops with multiple smaller net pots. The plan was for the girls to go in them first and then weed out any males that pop up. That plan depended on a much higher germination rate than I'm seeing with the seeds that I tried popping. I'm thinking that the emergency storage conditions weren't conducive to seed viability.

    Tx-Peanutt Well-Known Member

    You have one of the best setups I’ve ever seen ...That’s frieking Great :clap: ..Good luck with everything

    Rider509 Well-Known Member

    Thank you! Can't wait to get this tent filled back up with frosty goodness.
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    Beautiful setup. So sterile and clean looking!
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    I've been a bit busy so there's a shit ton of catching up to do on this journal. Speaking of shit, I dropped the Fox Farms organic line in favor of General Hydroponics nutes. The bat guano and pig shit smell was just too much to put up with again. It grows beautiful plants but, DAMN! If you wipe your hands on your pants even once then people scrunch their nose up and give you lots of space for the rest of the day.
    So... the four Thai/Thai crosses are in the hydro system and I'm starting to see fishbones develop as the roots reach down to the water. I started four more plants, and they all popped and will go in the system in the morning. They're the BOEL Skunk x Cambodian Thai from Golden Coast Genetics. Heat is always an issue and this time I refuse to be an ice bitch to my res so I DIYed a glycol chiller to keep res temps in the sweet spot. I'll post up a pic or two later.
    Ha! Just when you thought you'd rid yourselves of me. :bigjoint:

    Rider509 Well-Known Member

    Just one or two pics.

    6CEDF021-751B-4A9B-88AE-0D0118937480.jpeg 0E3759A1-B3B0-41EE-90D5-EBF012EE4D9A.jpeg 7391BEFB-1E07-4D6E-BE13-D3E034157BC2.jpeg 732D778C-EC6B-4E68-A8F0-2624225C494B.jpeg 7B7165FC-2628-48E3-B2E0-990DFA8207DD.jpeg 4AD83AF9-F14B-4F06-9FDC-FD4E156D1D4A.jpeg 330D2CF5-2F9F-4F10-AE14-E41328CC3E3F.jpeg
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    Wow, I've been pretty lame at keeping up on this grow journal. Lots has happened/changed/grown/whatever. I bailed on the DIY glycol chiller and bought a res chiller. The peace of mind was worth it. Moved the grow to somewhere a bit bigger, which was a pain in the ass. Both tents are rocking so I'll just post a few pics rather than talk your ears off.

    I’m running the big tent at 80-84F, 65-75%rH, and about 1200ppm CO2. The lights are set for about 1000ppfd. These plants are 37 days since breaking ground at the time of this photo taken yesterday and had already been stripped hard once.

    The BOEL Skunk x JohnnyD’s Cambodian is coming along nicely. I let the other Thais go too long in veg. Won’t make that mistake with these. 9FB93658-9CD9-42BF-967E-F18749C8974C.jpeg
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    Rider509 Well-Known Member

    An 11 leaf clone.
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    Rider509 Well-Known Member

    From this...

    ...to this in 34 days. 7D726526-1BF6-49C3-8026-85C8B99BE7D6.jpeg
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    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    what is your dehumidifier sitting on? I like that, is it draining back into your system?

    Rider509 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Yoda! It's just a shelf bracket that I screwed a base plate on. It's the same as the bracket under the charcoal filter (which I also need to put a base plate on). I used that self-welding rubber electrical insulation tape on the poles to prevent messing up the powder coat and to give the hose clamps something to bite into. The drain is to a 7.5 gallon tote. Didn't want to mess up the nute and pH balance of the res by draining back into it. The drain water is just slightly alkaline with an EC of zero. I use it to mix top up water for the res.
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    I picked up a PTZ camera with a high resolution so I can keep an eye on things, even during lights out. I've got the environment completely automated and dialed in. Lights, cooling, heating, humidity, and CO2 are all under electronic control. Nothing fancy. Now if I could just automate the reservoirs, and train Capuchin monkeys to tend buds, I'd never have to leave the couch, or I could travel and visit grower friends. :leaf:
    PTZ1.jpg PTZ2.jpg

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Great idea i might have to use that, happy growing.

    Rider509 Well-Known Member

    DAY 44 (from seed)
    Words can't convey the level of fukt I'm feeling. It's like the Little Shop of Horrors. The plants range from 28 to 33 inches now and they keep getting BIGGER. Had to raise the lights again. I'm beginning to suspect that this is a sativa/kudzu cross.
    I drained the res and did a flush with Fox Farms Sledgehammer and 30gals for an hour, then drained and refilled with 40gal of fresh water. Flying Skull nutes will be used for the duration of this grow. My water is 260ppm out of the tap. The residual in the system brought it up to 360ppm, and after Flying Skull nutes, Z7, and MammothP it's sitting at 1040ppm/5.7pH/64F. Annnnd, I just realized I forgot Cal-Mag. Brilliant.



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