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Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Bigtacofarmer, Nov 13, 2017.


    Bigtacofarmer Well-Known Member

    We are supposed to go into with some intention. I am hoping to learn to better serve my family, and universe. I would like to come out of it with more focus. I go through periods where I am very productive and then some where I get lazy and slack way to much. I would really like to get rid of my slacker side. And maybe even become a bit nicer.
    And achieving a shamanic state of mind would be cool too, but its not on the top of my list.
    They have these ceremonies twice a month, I have a feeling I will be going back.
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    Cubes15128 Well-Known Member

    Who is they? Is it an underground type thing? lol I'd love to go to one but there's nothing like that around me. That I know of I guess lol

    Bigtacofarmer Well-Known Member

    You know how the saying goes. If I told you I would have to "hug you to death".

    I was invited and yes its a pretty private affair.

    mikek420 Well-Known Member

    High lsd doses? I've done 9.6 mg once
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    Bigtacofarmer Well-Known Member

    I would like to hear about that. The most I have done is probably in the 1.5 - 2.0 range. I would like to try some raw xtal if the chance ever is presented.

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    The staff wrote a whole thread on it. Quite a read, I must say.

    @mikek420 , might You have an additional linkage for Us to ponder again?

    WildCard008 Active Member

    y'all are fullin' crzy ... wish i could git me hands on some assid

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    Lucy will find You as age paces.

    @throwdo , have You no longer use of the deepweb?
    I recall those coloured tabs with that all seeing triangle.

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