A powerful Republican Senator hints that Congress may discuss nationwide marijuana legalization this

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    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    Sen. Thom Tillis, a powerful Republican from North Carolina, suggested in a letter shared with Business Insider that the Senate Judiciary Committee is "likely" to discuss marijuana legalization this year.

    The letter was addressed to Rod Kight, a North Carolina lawyer who works with companies in the cannabis industry.

    Kight first wrote a letter to Tillis in support of two bills — Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017 and The Marijuana Justice Act — that both seek to de-schedule marijuana and effectively legalize the drug at the federal level. Kight was advocating on behalf of the bills for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

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    houseofwax237 Member

    I think it is ironic, or maybe more proof that those who live and work in D.C. live by a different set of laws, as it is already legal for recreational use in the land where laws are created......
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    Congress may discuss

    lol, i've heard that shit before

    BudmanTX Well-Known Member

    they want the cannabis money in the banks is all....this way they can get federal dollars off of it.....
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    it would be nice, but congress "discussing" something means its still at least ten years in the future. which means a different bunch of asshats making the decision. so who the fuck knows what these career liars will do? not even them
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    whoisjohngalt58 New Member

    Been waiting 40 years. I will believe when i see it.
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    stoned-monkey Well-Known Member

    but if they legalize it how will politicians get kick backs from pharmaceutical companies (other then forced healthcare) and correction faculties? plus think of all the poor police officers out of work now. :sarcasm:

    its all greed and until they figure out to make more money from marijuana then the current setup it wont happen.
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