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    Yeah, I go for two years sometimes. I had a surprise yield with HSO strains and kept them over two years. Jarred at 61-63% RH and kept in a fridge at 55F. Thanks Simon!
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    Thanks for this!

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    Read your post followed the link for boveda..created account ...checkout pack of 12 ...56$...OK...SHIPPING TO UK 58$ get fuct haha...just got 20 of the same shit..for.... £25 including postage...robbing twats m8...hoping success with your claim...cheers ...PEACE# youngbezzle
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    I think I paid about 20$ also for mine and they work really good keeping my bad nice and sticky but not wet
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    You say dont dry till stems snap....dont you mean dont cure till stems snap?
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    OP hasn’t been here for a year 2E6785DD-3660-41BB-BF00-0E290EC0F61D.png
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    A lot of times you hear people say to dry your buds until the stems snap when bent.... It's actually better to jar buds at a moisture level a little before they will snap.
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    I jar before stems snap, put some boveda 62 in there and burp/open as needed. You can prolong the drying, you can not reverse it.. I go by touch, crispy outside gooey inside..
    I wont take "drying times" as fact, every situation is unique.
    I have dried to quick, very crappy feeling after all the time we put into this. Still had the effect, just had that leafy plant smell & taste...

    Have 3 of the same strain, same tent, same cut day.. 1 is already jarred with a crispy feel (3.5 days), the other two are still wet to the touch.. Probably 36 hours longer to dry those vs the first one which would be approx 5 days.. This is in a 73f tent at 65% RH, one fan indirect. I think some airflow may have hit the dry one, but not confident as the other two were hanging on either side of it..
    RH is reading 72% after 12 hours in jar and buds softened up.. I got it down in time to slow the rest of the process. Boveda and burping it down the rest of the way..

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    I just cut this past week. Hung for one strain 4 one 5. Both were pretty crisp on outside. The stems were still damp and didn’t snap. I put in jars rh showed 47%. I said fuck! One day in jar rh raised to 60%. Burped 6x since rh has stayed 59-60%. Three days now I went ahead and put boveda packs in jars. Nugs righting very nice. Roll in jar without sticking.

    All said if I would of waited for stem to snap it would of been way to dry. Rh was 58 with only a exhaust fan from start.
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    Great information! Thank you! This little meter could be quite handy. I ruined my last batch by not curing it right. What a bummer! Wish I'd seen your post first!
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    Yea, I hang for 2.5-3days depending on temps/humidity in a very dark closet, jar them w boveda 62 and a moisture meter & I burp every few hours until moisture meter gets to 63-64 & then I shelf & check on them every few days...

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    I have used the "stems snap" type analysis and i found that using that type of signal to jar is not always accurate. At 3 days i will check the bud by squeezing it. if i squeeze and it doesn't push back its ready to throw into the jar. At this point the RH after jarring comes in around 60 percent. When i have used the snap method as a signal my RH sometimes would be down in the low 50's and i would then have to throw in a bovida pack which i know is not the way to go.
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