A little confused on LED watts :/

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    I use LED's... But for your needs this is probably the best way to go. High quality cmh set up is going to be better than a cheap blurple setup.

    mannurse801 Well-Known Member

    You'll be in good shape. Just make sure you can manage heat, and all is good. You'll get fine results. The light is one piece. Water, airflow, nutrition and proper plant maintenance are the others.
    Good luck!
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  3. Thanks again for the help!
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    Renfro Well-Known Member

    You won't regret that CMH as long as you can manage the heat. Fortunately a CMH puts out a lot less heat than the same wattage of HPS.

    Good luck with your grow. We will be here to offer help. You should make a grow journal in the journals section.

    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

    I prefer cobs over strips etc. I have 4 quantum boards I need to sell. I get much nicer looking plants with 16 3590's running around 40 watts each. You just have to watch hotspots and make sure you don't burn the colas. I ran the quantum's one cycle. Smaller buds. I've got some pics on here somewhere. I've found some don't believe. Not my problem. The 4 Mars I ran in the same area ran too hot for me. Also smaller buds. And the ir diodes fail within a year. I have 6 of these laying around I need to junk. I even tried a cob type Mars a year ago. I'm still running the 3590's. But hey it's not my money!
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    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

    That would be my first pick if I didn't need stealth operation. But I use a 4" blower running around 100 cfm with an inline cabon filter which is expensive. But I made a coolhood setup with 2 heatsinks 12" x 44" that I sealed except the ends and put 4" connecters in the center of each one. Then that goes to a 4" y that I put a sail switch in which controls a relay to supply 120 volts to the cc drivers and timer if enough airflow is making the sail switch. It vents outside btw. I'll have Easter dinner here and nobody hears or smells anything. False wall and all. Bible belt state will take your house in my area. If it was legal here cmh is a no brainer. I'd need more cooling aka noise for the cmh.

    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

    Homebrew coolhood. Runs around 3 degrees hotter in the room than outside the room. Filtered intake on the walls. I can run 800 watts at the plug with no heat issues. I run 600 in a 45"x45" area. Stealth. 2 lb of bud without to much training. I'm not growing for anyone but myself. I'd go with cmh as I said in a legal state. 20190415_201727.jpg
  8. Just saw, this thank you..I'm most likely going that route...
  9. Thanks, we're not setup just yet, but we purchased a 390 cfm exhaust fan and carbon filter, the calculator had my requirement around 180 cfm i believe, i don't know how hot things will get but from what iv'e read it sounds sufficient. We might move it back a few months (because i'm a perfectionist) ,start them outdoors and move them in...Thank you for the help, the more i read the happier i am i decided against the Viparspectra/Mars styles
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    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

    Be careful moving stuff inside from the outside. Once you get bugs it's tough to get rid of them.
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    TintEastwood Well-Known Member

    No affiliation...Another source. I'm running 2 of the stealth kits. They have 15% off sales randomly and or free shipping. I dig the external ballast vs bolted to hood.

    https://growershouse.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=prism cmh

    AlaskaRob Active Member

    You can get dual bulb 2x315w cmh setup from Vivosun through Amazon for 220$. I did that without the bulbs, then put in 1 bulb from Phillips, elite 4200k, for first 2 weeks of growth. Put second bulb in of same type in 3rd week to make 630w in my 5x5 tent. Kicking ass in beginning of 3rd week flower, just finished 10 day transition into flower.
    Not much stretch with 4200k bulbs but tons of red and far red spectrum. 630w cmh bulb that's very compatible to 1000k hps! Real talk.

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  13. I found one similar an "iPower" which supports x2 315 watt and at the exact price you mentioned, I was considering using 2 Philips 3000k CMH for the entire grow :)
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    gearshift Well-Known Member

    I have used only used T5's for clones and vegging. 1000 HPS for flowering. Many grows.
    I bought a Yehsence 1000, 180w to see if it produces shorter node spacing. It does. Grew experimental plant to flower, not done for two more weeks. (Not happy with the burple) Moved to flower room under one 1000w HPS. (To free up clone vegging room) vegging clones under both T5's and the purple. Happy so far! May give burple LED away after first clones are ready to flip, a few more weeks will tell me.
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    AlaskaRob Active Member

    Try supplementing your HPS with infrared, a little sunshine for UV bonus.....or just save yourself the monthly electrical bill and get any cmh square wave ballast and bulb at least for supplemental if not full setup. The spectrum of these things is incredible.
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    AlaskaRob Active Member

    The 4200k worked better in the side by side comparison grow I read the journal on by another member in another forum. I can get you the link if you'd like. Just have to find it first.
  17. Thanks again and was that 4200k for the entire grow or did you switch at flower? Also how was the heat?

    Renfro Well-Known Member

    A 4200K cmh bulb in flower will have ample red and a bunch of blue. That makes for some good density. Rock hard nugs. The CMH should also have some quality UV light to help boost resin production.
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    Apalchen Active Member

    Last time I got a new bulb didn’t pay much attention and ended up with 4200k and it’s as good or better results as the 3100k in flower. I’m not gonna day better cause not sure yet but have a side by side going now in a couple 3x3 so I’ll figure it out. So far the 4200k side seems to be stretching less and stacking nodes closer together(same strain)

    But last run out of that tent with 4200k seemed to be as good or maybe better and numbers were pretty much the same and actually a lil better than normal, but not gonna say light was the difference until done with side by side with same strain.

    TintEastwood Well-Known Member

    I also run 3k/4k philips over a 4x4 with success. I like being able to run just the 4k hood for veg.
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