A grow Log app for android?

Discussion in 'Technology / Science' started by GoatSoup, Jul 16, 2018.


    GoatSoup Well-Known Member

    Anybody know of a grow log application for Android or Linux?
    My Goggle Fu is weak.

    I just switched my OS to Linux Mint from Windoz and am rebuilding my application libary. I've got a tablet tht would be pretty cool to carry into the grow room for recording PH,PPM, Temp's etc. Has a camera, I need to learn how to use and swap pix to my Linux box.
    I've been using my nikon for Pix but it would be nice for snap shots to use my tablet and enter into the growlog, which could be sync'd to my desktop?

    And free would be good too as Momma is in the hospital and who knows how much Obamacare will cover!

    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    Herb.iq in wine on a nix box. Far as Android, idk. You could port it yourself if you can code. The author is here in the forums you can ask him if he has a apk port.

    I keep a lappy in the room, no tablet. ;-)

    GoatSoup Well-Known Member

    Tanks! I downloaded it and trying to figure out how to install it??? I've only got Mint to work on Sunday so learning the ropes. It sounds like a place to start.
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