9x19 grow room with 8 gavitas and 8.5ft ceilings cooling help

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    silvermt Active Member

    Happy new year fellas

    I need some help if anyone would lend their time I'd be very thankful.

    Here is the run down:

    I have a 9x19 flower room with 8 1/2 ceilings.

    I'm going to be running 8 Gavita Pro 1000w E series fixtures.

    My room is going to be a fresh air cooled room until summertime. I live in the Northwest and it's cold as hell here.

    I was curious if I would in fact be able to air cool this room enough to run the Gavita's at 600/750watts max

    Would an air intake fan that is 1000 CFM and in exhaust fan running at 1709 CFM attached to a 14x39" Phresh filter be enough to keep this room cool?

    The room will also have 8 wall mounted oscillating fans and a 180 pint ideal air dehu

    Any tips or advice would be great appreciated. I ran sealed rom in the past, but don't have near enough money to set up AC and C02 right now.

    Thanks for time and help

    Bless up!

    The_Enthusiast Active Member

    According to their words - you need:
    2 x 1000W DE lamp for 2.2x1.8m room
    4 x 1000W DE lamp for 2.2x3.6m room
    10x 1000W DE lamp for 5.5x3.6m room
    In that scenario you will get ALL of the room evenly lit with 600 - 1000 PPFD depending on the configuration and height (measurements are taken in 0.9m/1.2m/1.5m from floor) and all lights are fixed at 2.55m from floor


    silvermt Active Member

    Thanks for the reply Enthusiast =)

    I was more questioning whether or not I'm going to be able to adequately cool my room with fresh air if I'm running 8 gravitas at 750 watts in a 9x19 room with a 1709 CFM exhaust fan and an air intake fan that will blow cold air into on a fan speed controller ranger anywhere from 200cfm to 600cfm contingent upon needs.

    Any advice if my plan to cool this room with fresh air will work?
    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    Should but it all depends on the outdoor temp. You are exchanging the air at almost 1.5 x per min. So even at 50 outside I would think it would be manageable. Keep me posted. Also u could kick the intake up a bit and still have a slight negative. What size ducting are you using? How many CFM is your filter rated for?

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    So let me get this Straight; you're using 1000W DE HPS luminaries at 600-750W? Why would you do that?
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    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    I have 14x19 room with 10ft cieling and open attic space above. Cieling to attic peak is another 8ft...

    My lights are set on 1000w (phantoms) . They are mounted right at the ceiling. I only running 6. I have same inline as you (12" 1700cfm) mounted at the peak of attic space as an exhaust with carbon filter. I dont have intake fan. I have venting with filters that let air in while exhaust fan is on. I feel like the room air exchange is not so drastic this way.

    When my exhaust comes on you feel a nice breeze come in from bottom filters, rather than an intake fan shoving freezing air at plants. You dont want air to go from 85 to 70 in 1 minute every 5 minutes IMO anyways. Rather be a nice transition.

    My room will take 15-20minutes or so to get to 80* then fan will kick on an exchange air for few minutes. Honestly room temp is perfect. Never hot an humid an never cold. I am not running any ac at all. Just a temp controller on exhaust fan.

    I personally think your room will run hot. If you add intake fan then maybe not but youll have constant cold ass air blowing at plants. Also sucks having gavitas with limited head room. My 10ft ceiling i had turn lights down to 1000w cause intesity. I built room just for ceiling height.

    I built 2 other grow rooms with 8ft height. I put 600w gavitas in those and the plants still get a tad to close. Gavitas are strong. goodluck to you but bigger isnt always better with these lights. Attached is the 600w room, my 1000w room. You can see how plenty room in attic for heat and how filter an exhaust is mounted up top... think you should run 6 lights not 8. I live in northeast and its 9* out right now and room is in 70s on its own. I think your gunna run hot.

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    silvermt Active Member

    Hey fellas,

    The reason that I'm running the Gavitas at 600w instead of 1000 is because of head room and cooling. I don't want to burn/bleach my girls

    Regarding my carbon scrubber - it's a phresh filter rated for 1700cfm

    Plants are going to be run in coco dtw

    silvermt Active Member

    Thanks for the pics and the help Rick!

    I'll take your advice and drop down to running only 6 Gavitas then. Especially since I'm doing a fresh air room and won't have co2 I don't want to be running hotter than 80 ever

    Do you think if I dim them down to 600 I'll be alright?
    MA MED Grower

    MA MED Grower Well-Known Member

    I'm in New England and run 9 -1k lights. From March until October I use my 2-3tone mini splits. Oct to feb I have a 6" fan pushing cold air in while exhausting. I'm able to keep my room at 76 consistently. Don't know why you would lower your lights to 600.
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    bottletoke Well-Known Member

    I'm in the pacific northwest running 12 gavitas @ 1000w divided into 2 rooms at 6 a piece, each room is sized @ 10x12 w/10' ceilings. Each room is running 2 8" 550cfm fans and a 3.5 ton a/c but because of the cold temps I'm able to run the 1 ac between the 2 @ 76-78deg. Both rooms have 6 wall mounted oscillating fans each and 8 more that are on the floor moving air under the plants. Right now my ac runs for 5-7 min then off for 3. Exhaust is interlocked with the ac and only runs when the ac is off and the ac comes on when the temp rises while the fans are running.
    I do run the room filled with plants so I'm sure that would effect the temps....

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    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    He doesnt have enough height for running at full light... hes going to spend bunch of time chasing fake problems. 600s will grows big buds. 8ft ceiling is not big enough for 1kw gavitas. You will strsss from heat just from the radiant heat lights give. Ac will not help that heat from close to bulb.
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    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    I would start with 6 on 600w and see if temps are maintained easily... you do not want temp fluctuating every few minutes. It can rise and fall but not drastically. You will find a happy medium.

    Since we are starting colder times now you can other 2 lights if you notice the room running on the colder side. 600s help with heat for sure. If you have shorter plants or want to expirament turning lights up to the 750 just watch out for droop leafs or for alot of yellowing. Then dim back down again

    bryangtho Well-Known Member

    I don't use any AC at all and i just run 4 large fans total 5000 cfm. And I would be in a lot hotter area then all uses guys. I run 6 gavitas with the gavita master controller. And I find that in cooler temp you will get away just using 2 fans. And I run my lights at 115% which is 1150 watts

    since1991 Well-Known Member

    This is very right on

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