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    rmax Well-Known Member

    Hey all. These began flowering March 1st. Black Widow and Blueberry. I'm following the FloraNova 8 week schedule with a ninth week added for flush (see link). Today marks the 8th week (11 in the chart) so the flush is supposed to start for a week then harvest.

    The red thing is a 1 gallon water jug cap.

    Do you think these can go another week with ferts, then the final week flush???

    That link -

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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    You have time to go ... At least a week or so . Go by bud maturity , NOT WHAT THE BREEDER STATES. I am thinking 2 weeks to finish.

    You should keeping feeding BLOOM ...
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    rmax Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I was thinking as you. I have three plants all together. I think one needs another week then the flushfor a week, and the other two need at least a week (probably two weeks) then flush for a week.

    I'll post more pics in a few days.

    Thanks, again!! :)
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    rmax Well-Known Member

    Week nine yesterday. I'm still fertilizing. Should flush for a week before harvesting...
    Thoughts - start the flush?

    To me it looks like 1 more week for the two plants and two more weeks for the one plant (With the albino tops).

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    icecreamman513 Member

    any tric shots? looks like a 10 week kind of girl but getting close for sure

    rmax Well-Known Member

    I had to fertilize them twice today. Once in the AM and a little while ago when I took these pics. The smaller two plants are in one gallon pots and the taller plant is in a two or three gallon pot.

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    rmax Well-Known Member

    Couple more:

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    Dan Drews

    Dan Drews Well-Known Member

    You're still at least 2 weeks away from harvest, you have tons of fat, straight white hairs that need to recede before they're ready for harvest.

    Also, if those are mirrors you're trying to use in your grow room to reflect light, they really don't work to well for that purpose. You'd get better results if you had white panels or everything white in your grown room.
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    rmax Well-Known Member

    Hi, everyone. Thanks for the comments. I think these have more time, at least another week of fertilizing.

    How do you guys get the sharp, tich pictures?

    Here are a few pictures. I tried to get close-ups.

    Yes, those are mirrors - but I only have them there because I happened to have three extra mirrors. And down below I've got two 65W CFLs, only because I have them.

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    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    Why feed twice a day?
    You should only feed once every 3 day's, otherwise you are wasting nutes and overfeeding.
    Go 1/2 nutes from now on, and you won't need too flush (waste of time)
    Use 3 gal pots in the future, 1 gal pots are too small. The rule of thumb is 1 gallon per month, so for a pot plant a 3 gallon pot is perfect.
    Also, your plants have 2 weeks to go in my opinion.
    Good luck :)
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    blowincherrypie Well-Known Member

    what r your temps like?

    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    In the spring/fall/winter, 78-84 with a humidity level of 50- 60%, but I'm in hydro under 1800 watts HPS in an 8'x8' room.
    I don't grow in the summer, too hot/humid in my area.

    rmax Well-Known Member

    Hey, everyone!

    12 weeks today. I think I'm going to pull them tomorrow. Looking at them today I think I should have pulled them 3 days ago. Thoughts?

    The humidity is usually in the mid 50s to 60 in the day. At night I run a dehumidifier. Humidity goes to low 40s. Temp is usually between 72 and 75. These live in a basement.

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    Silvio Dante

    Silvio Dante Member

    That looks cushty as mate - I'd go for it now as those leaves are well and truly dying out and the trichomes look sufficiently browned off to me.

    rmax Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comments. I plucked the one as recommended because the leaves did look dry. I left the other two to go.

    These pics were taken moments ago. These plants have been 12/12 since March 1st. I'm thinking of pulling the bent over plant tomorrow. The taller one seems like it can still go.


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    rmax Well-Known Member

    Here's a couple more pics of the last tree from that batch. This one has been blooming since 3-1. I'm going to harvest tonight/tomorrow.

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